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Review: Joe Danger 2 The Movie (PS4/PSVita)


Review supplied by Hello Games

Lights, camera, action! It is Joe Danger’s time to become a movie star! Just like the title before, Joe Danger 2 is a point to point downhill racer but this time you are part of film sets for huge upcoming films. Joe is only the stuntman but does he have what it takes to become the real star?

Well, the first thing that you will notice that is different from his first outing is that he now has to master a wide range of vehicles. These go from his trusty dirt bike all the way to spy level jet packs! What I adore about the new vehicles is that they match the film in which you are currently filming. The jet packs are used in the spy flicks and there is even a neat little movie inspired by Indiana Jones which sees you taking control of a mine cart. It is just a blast to play.
Each film set is classed as level and your scenes are basically your chapters. Complete all the scenes and you have a finished movie. Once it is completed the best bits are chosen and a mini movie is generated.

As you move through the movies you will start to find that they become filled with more and more obstacles that you have to avoid. It can become difficult rather quickly but after some practise you will begin to master each level and wonder why you ever found it difficult. But if you have a fail once, never again attitude towards games then this is where you fun may end.

Joe Danger 2 (on paper) is a short title (of about four hours) there is a lot of extra content packed in there which you can complete along your way or once you have finished the main story. Either way each level will have certain amount challenges to complete; whether it is to collect all the letters in the word Danger or just simple beating the set time. What ever it is, you will find yourself trying to beat them all. Most of the time you will be just doing it for personal satisfaction but you will need to complete a minimum amount of challenges as they reward you with starts and you need these to unlock certain levels. On top of the challenges are the Pro Medals which are rewarded for collecting all the stars in a scene at once - again simple idea but can be very hard to achieve.

As well as the main story arc there are deleted scenes you can play, challenge yourself to the Ultra Hard mode or try one of the downloadable scenes. Plus, if you are sick of seeing Joe risking his life these movies goers then you change it up a little with a variety of costumes including Sackboy, Atoi and even Steve from Minecraft! (Damn, I cannot escape that game!)

There is so much to do and it is a credit to Hello Games for squeezing it all in. This is another thing I have noticed - there is very little difference between the Console version and the Vita version. It still plays well, the controls are spot on, it looks great and the soundtrack is so fresh. I witness no technical issues whilst playing but the only gripe I have is that I think the loading times can feel a little long.
A few things have been cut such as the online mode and being able to share your movies that you created but it does not take too much away from the experience. I do find it odd that you cannot share your moves, especially with how the Vita is a “social connected” console but what are you going to do?

Joe Danger 2 The Movie is a brilliant sequel to an already great game. It fun, exciting and it is very at home on the Vita.  The short levels are perfect for those moments of the day when you have a spare few minutes to kill. Be warned though, once you scratch away at the surface of this game you will find a lot of extras that will keep you busy for a long time to come.


Who Should Play This?

  • Fans of the first game looking for some action on the go
  • Gamers that like to push themselves to fully complete a game
  • Thrill seekers - that is gamers that are looking for a real challenge (and maybe dare devils too!)

Who Shouldn’t Play This?

  • If you really hate downhill racers then this is not for you.
  • Gamers that like a nice steady learning curve
  • Looking for a game that you can complete with very little effort? Joe Danger 2 needs a little more to fully complete it (and even enjoy it)!

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