Review Scoring policy

Ever wondered how our reviews are scored?

10/- Magnificent
A Game that scores a 10 doesn't necessarily mean its a perfect game in a literal sense, more like perfect for its intended system or for multiple types of gamers to enjoy. Its a game that can transcend its pigeon holed genre and be worthy for anyone. Worth its weight in Beef Ramen without a doubt!

9/ - Brilliant
Quite similar to a 10 rated game - but one or two little, tiny, minuscule, minute issues that may effect the odd person has meant it's just shy of that illusive score. Still, its worth trying even if you don't like the genre its settled in as it could surprise you like a tasty packet of Octopus flavoured crisp.

8/  - Great
A game that fans of the genre will lap up in spite of the few minor, niggling issues the game might have. Those able to overlook minor issues will also be surprised by the game if they give it a chance and may enjoy more than they thought was possible. Its like Pork or Duck Ramen. Tasty, but not quite Beef.

7/ - Good
A 7 is a good score. While it has one or 2 areas that may have compromised its quality overall, Its still recommended as there may be other areas of genuine quality or fun that can balance everything out a little bit. Its like warming up your Sake too much. Its still nice, but its just missed the sweet spot.

6/ - Not Bad
Be wary if a game has this score. While by no means is it a bad game, It may have numerous issues that warrant caution. Theres still some good in a game with a 6 though! So it should be worth a try if you've looked into it & feel its issues aren't too bad.  Its kinda like Bachelor's Super Noodles - They may taste nice, but you never once believe your getting the real deal.

5/ - Average
A 5 is average. While some people see the likes of 6 or 7 to mean average, here we stick to the traditional 5 being average. An average game is just that. Isn't terrible, but isn't great either. It just is. I wouldn't recommend a game with this score unless your a big fan of the series or the concept the game is based on. Only then may you be able to overlook 'some' of its issues.

4/ - Below par
Things start to go downhill here quicker than an attempt to patch up some badly made Sushi. While a game with a score of 4 may have one or two redeeming features for absolute fans to cling to, theres no disguising the fact that the game features more than its fair share of issues. You may enjoy it in patches, but be warned!

3/ - Poor
The kind of game that no doubt looks awesome on the cover, but has surely lulled many a person into a false sense of security. Upon the moment the game is played you'll feel the tinge of disappointment like a Shuriken to the heart as your hopes fade. We can't justify a game with this score, but its your choice at the end of the day!

2/ - Terrible
A game this bad would even have a Samurai disobey their master when ordered to play it. Theres probably just a tiny speck of goodness that prevents it from getting the lowest score, but that doesn't mean its worth accepting even if its for free

1/ - Abomination
The title says it all. Play it at your own peril. We have so you don't have to.

If a review copy of a game is provided by someone else they will also be mentioned too (Review copy provided by.....) and links to their website/profile will be provided so you can thank them with a nice, warm bowl of Demae Ramen, Beef of course.

Hope that clears things up for you if you become confused by what a review score entails in the future.

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