Friday, 8 August 2014

News: Akiba's Trip Heading to Ps4 to the EU in 2015

NISAmerica have announced that Akiba's Trip will also be heading to the EU on Ps4.

News: Ace Attorney on iOS heading to EU & NA

Capcom have announced that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is heading to our shores on iOS.

News: 4 New Re;Birth PSVita Gameplay Trailers

Idea Factory International release 4 gameplay videos for Hypedimension Neptunia Re;Birth.

Otaku Review - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness 魔界戦記 ディスガイア

Disgaea is one of my favourite Strategy Rpg for the PS2 I'm glad to make this review of the first part of the Disgaea Series. Disgaea Hour of Darkness was released in Japan on January 30,2003, August 27, 2003 for the USA and July 1, 2004 for the EU. Disgaea was release on the PSP and the Nintendo Ds later on and i happen to own all 3 versions. The soundtrack of Disgaea is great the music sucks you in and the the 2D sprites have a lush colour palette what really helps this game pull you in to this amazing story.

News: 3 New Titles Set for Europe from NISAmerica

NISAmerica aren't letting up it seems & have announced another 3 titles for release in Europe.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

News: Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax Release

Atlus have announced that the official release date for Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax is 30th September in the US.

As the title is region free many of it's fans will be happy the import date is so close!. Remember it's DLC will only work with the US PSN.

News: Trailer for the Latest Kemco Android Jrpg

Kemco have released another Jrpg to the Google Play store called Crystareino.

News: Senran Kagura Vita Titles Heading to Europe

Marvelous Games announce the Senran Kagura Vita titles for release in the EU *Updated*

News: One Piece Super Grand Battle 3DS Debut Trailer

A debut trailer has been unleashed for One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X by Bandai Namco.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

News: Versus Evil to Publish Toren on Ps4,PC & Mac

Indie publisher Versus Evil has announced they will be publishing Toren, developed by Swordtales.

News: Xblaze Sequel Announced for Ps3 & PSVita

A sequel to Xblaze: Code Embryo has been revealed by Famitsu, entitled Xblaze: Lost Memories.

News: High School DxD Heading to Vita in Japan

If your a fan of High School DxD, acquiring a Japanese Vita account is recommended in the future.

News: Nintendo EU Announces Hyrule Warriors CE

Nintendo Europe have announced a snazzy Hyrule Warriors collectors edition for the EU.

News: Etrian Odyssey 2 3DS Remake Announced

As teased, an Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Knight of the Fafnir remake is on the way.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Otaku Review - Steins;Gate

Otaku Review: Steins;Gate
Platform: PC
Price: Varies (see the link for available retailers)
Release Date:   Out Now

NOTE: This review is spoiler free or at most reveals minor plot points or notes established at the very least on the website where you can buy Steins;Gate from. The one exception is a paragraph in white further below, which you can highlight if you wish to read it, although it does contain a significant spoiler. You have been warned.

I’m going to let you in on a secret here, or perhaps more an unwritten rule.

Plot holes do not matter if A) the characters are the driving force of a given narrative and B) the plot holes do not significantly undermine the growth or arcs of said characters.

I bring this up because there is no genre of fiction more fragile, more intrinsically susceptible to plot holes, than that of time travel. While writing this review, as something to have on in the background, I was watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day. There one could bring up a myriad of plot holes from the time travel elements, but as I mentioned before, they matter not one jot in the face of a compelling character driven narrative like in that film.

But what the devil does this have to do with Steins;Gate, you might ask? Well, Steins;Gate arguably fits in the same category as Terminator II (minus the wonderful Arnie moments), in that if one took a long, hard look at it, like a house of cards built on the San Andreas fault it would all fall apart easily. But stories are not houses even though people might live in them, and a shaky foundation is not necessarily to the detriment of the overall product. Especially not when said product is a great comedy, romance, thriller and love letter to nerd culture all rolled into one.

News: Next Yakuza to be Revealed on August 24th

SEGA are set to announce the next entry in the Yakuza series on the 24th August.

News: New Dragon Quest Monsters Teased

During this weekends Dragon Quest summer festival, a new Dragon Quest Monsters was teased.

News: PSVita Chaos Rings 3 Screenshots

Squeare Enix have release new PSVita screenshots for Chaos Rings 3: Prequel Trilogy.