Saturday, 12 September 2015

News: New Street Fighter V Character Revealed

Capcom has announced the second of four brand new characters heading to Street Fighter V.

Friday, 11 September 2015

News: Arland Atelier Trilogy Heading to North America

NIS America has announced the release of The Arland Atelier Trilogy for North America.

News: New Persona 5 Poster

Ready for another Persona 5 Tease? Of course you are. Tweeted earlier today by Wakayama-based games shop Genki, is a new store poster for upcoming RPG, Persona 5.

News: New Digimon World Next Order Screenshots

Bandai Namco has released a new batch of screenshots for Digimon World: Next Order.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

News: Final Fantasy V Heading to PC This Month

Square Enix has announced the release of a Final Fantasy V PC port with a new trailer.

News: Second Criminal Girls 2 Trailer Released

Nippon Ichi Software has released another trailer for the upcoming Jrpg, Criminal Girls 2.

News: New SOMA Trailer

From the creators of horror title Amnesia, Fricitonal Games, comes their latest title SOMA - a sci fi horror game that is aiming to scare the life out of you.

News: Out Today - Cross of the Dutchman

After six years of development (and 500 years after the events portrayed in the game), Triangle Studios is proud to announce they have release action adventure title Cross of the Dutchman.  

News: Indie MEGABOOTH Heading to EGX 2015

In two weeks the UK's largest games convention, EGX, is heading to the NEC in Birmingham.  This is a chance for gamers to get their hands on all the latest games coming to their favourite consoles.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

News: The Legend of Heroes Collectors Edition

XSEED has announced a limited edition version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

News: New To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness Trailer

FuRyu has released a new trailer for the upcoming To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: True Princess.

Feature: New Indie Releases for 09/09/15

Hello fellow readers. This is the beginning of a new weekly feature that will list new Indie releases across all platforms. I have even put together a playlist of all the trailers for the games out this week.
Many Indie games are released each week and there is that many it is sometime very hard to keep track of them.  To begin with I will keep track of the EU and USA updates but will add the Japanese market in the future.

So without further a do, here is this week's update;

News: Persona Special Stage at TGS

It is time to hope on the hype train Persona fans!  Atlus will be hosting a special Persona event at the Tokyo Game Show, called the "Persona Special Stage".

With the current rumour that Persona 5 could be getting a 2015 release date, I would put money on that this is when Atlus will announce it.  I think it will only have a Japanese release date for now, but it would be nice to get a US one too.  Unfortantly, I think the EU will be left in the dark again so if your need your Persona fix, you may want to be looking to import.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

News: Second Trailer for God Eater Resurrection

Bandai Namco has released a brand new trailer or the upcoming RPG, God Eater Resurrection.

News: New Characters Revealed for Project X Zone 2

This weeks Famitsu has revealed new characters for the roster in the upcoming Project X Zone 2.

News: Square Enix Tease Trailer - TGS 2015

With just a week until the Tokyo game Show, Square Enix has released a teaser trailer showing what we should expect from the show.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Review: Don't Starve (PS4 / XBOX ONE)

Don't Forget to Pack a Sandwich

XBOX ONE Review provided by Klei Games

Don't Starve made it's console debut on the PS4 in early 2014 with a Vita version released a little later.  Now it has been released on Xbox One and unlike the PS4 version this one comes bundled with Reign of Giants DLC as standard.  The games are identical in all ways and my views have not changed.  The only thing that has changed is my play style as I am finding it a lot easier to survive.  I do feel that sometimes you will just spend a lot of your time just searching for that one item but the name of the gane is to survive and if that item is the difference between life and death, then it is worth it.

Anyway, instead of writing a full review, I have republished my original PS4 review.  Please enjoy and do not wander to far into the dark - you never know what might attack back

News: New Tokyo Xanadu Videos

Two new videos have been released on the Japanese Playstation Blog for the upcoming RPG title, Tokyo Xanadu.