Saturday, 24 January 2015

News: The Menagerie Teaser Trailer & Demo Date

Lupiesoft has announced a demo release date for In The City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie.
The Menagerie is an 18+ eroge visual novel developed in the west by Studio Lupiesoft, that will follow the story of the main character Rao-Ji and 5 other strange and interesting characters as they interact with one another. On February 6th you'llbe able to download the demo of In The City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie, and also place a preorder through Manga Gamer. A release for The Menagerie has been noted for sometime during the spring. You can view a teaser trailer for the game below:

The Menagerie Teaser from Peter Tao on Vimeo.


  1. Yay you guys are finally covering 18+ games :D

  2. Aye I'm hoping to get more news for upcoming titles but there's only a couple of teams that develop/publish these kind of titles that have got in touch. Hopefully its something to build on as no doubt its tough for the developers of 18+ games to get more coverage

  3. what kind of game is this? lol