Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Geoff's 2013

You've already seen Andi's post on his titles of 2013, so now its my turn:

Game of The Year: Beyond Two Souls 
A GOTY award is a subjective thing. Not many people out there would agree with this choice or even understand it but there has been no other game this year that Ive actually felt much of an impact from aside from this. The journey of Jodie Holmes with which you take on Beyond is one of the most emotional Ive come across in any form of entertainment. I can see why it has its haters though. Beyond's gameplay mechanics are so far removed from the rest of the industry (telltale games work on The Walking Dead comes close though) that I can understand that issue, but for me it makes Quantic Dreams games feel unique in an industry that relies on tried & true mechanics. In my review I stated that its a perfect swansong for the Ps3 as the next generation kicks in, but I personally found it to be much more than that. The way Beyond split the industry at launch means there wont be many who will share this opinion, but all great pieces of entertainment get people talking & debating and Beyond: Two Souls did just that and more.

Notable mention: Project Diva F 
How could I not give this game a mention? After spending so long playing Japanese versions of the series on PsP, SEGA finally decided to give us a release of the latest entry in the US/EU. The game is as superbly playable as always but what makes it great for me is the editing options that were included as the amount of content available from fans to download means it'll take a while to tire of this entry. In my review i stated a Vita release would've been better which we will thankfully see next year, but the Ps3 version is still thoroughly playable.

Notable Mention: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
My love for this series started with Mk2, but its this release that I see as being worthy of mentioning to anyone that will listen. It takes everything the previous entries have done and improves things while also adding more aspects to its mechanics and structure. Even more parodies & the like ensure the game is even more of a laugh to play through as before, with the always amusing Neptune back taking center stage. The usual trappings of niche Jrpg's like Visual Novel-esque cutscenes & difficulty spikes mean most people overlook the game, but its become one of my favourite games of the year due to it seeming to have a unique charm not found in the more Mainstream Jrpg's.

Notable Mention: Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable
One of my favourite Niche series received a remastered version of its best entry on Sony's swanky handheld and soon became my most played game on said format. Interestingly, there was additions to the content instead of the usual 'streamlining'. Aside from a few extra missions & the inclusion of Pale Wing, Online co-op and Versus was also added to the fray. Gameplay has always been king with the series and theres nothing quite like blasting away at a huge fire breathing monster until it collapses into a heap of rubble that was a city. You wont find the EDF series many spectacles in other releases. Its Niche & Budget nature means not many will sample its superb gameplay, but that doesn't mean it should be cast aside due to lack of exposure.

Suprise of the Year: Black Rock Shooter 
I had been looking at giving this game a try for a while. It wasn't until a review of it was requested that I finally decided to bite the bullet. I went in expecting an average Jrpg and came away surprised. Very surprised. More than anything, its combat system just has to be sampled. The way it effortlessly mixes aspects of turn-based & real-time mechanics into its combat system is perfectly executed. The game isn't without it faults, but then what game is. If anything its a reminder to everyone that the PsP was, and still is for me, a great handheld platform for Jrpg's.


Disappointment of the Year: Pokemon X & Y
In my review I gave the game a 7/10. I could see that it was a good game (not a great one) when playing it but I couldn't help but shake the feeling that I'd done all of it before. I hadn't sampled the Pokemon games on DS,so I'd had a nice break from the series and was hopeful of some worthy additions to the formula from the games GBA days. Unfortunately, I didn't find the additions to be good enough to overlook the fact that the game hadn't advanced in the time Id taken away from it in any meaningful way. Its a game I may go back to sometime and try again, but it left me so disappointed the first time I'm not sure if that would improve anything.

Next year is looking like a good year. Looking forward to EDF 2025 & Senran kagura Burst in February to kick things off but its the Vita that's caught my eye for niche releases with the likes of Hyperdimension Neptunia PP (Possibly Rebirth 1&2) Project Diva F, Demon Gaze, Dynasty Warriors 8 and much more. I'm looking forward to seeing what the WiiU can push out to try and entice me to bite (Hyrule Warriors is a good start Nintendo) but I will be purchasing a Ps4 as early as i can and covering some of the news & releases for that too.Theres so much to look forward to next year for all platforms that it could get even better than recent years.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Andi's 2013/2014

This post is my year round up, my top 5 releases, near misses and my most awaited releases. I'll also give you an insider look at what projects I have lined up for the blog.

First and foremost I must point out that I recently was given title of Nintendo editor, this is something I have taken very seriously. But I must say that I'm not a "fanboy" it's just my console and handheld choices have driven me more towards Nintendo. I hope in the new year to be able to post about some wonderfully brilliant RPG titles released on the Wii that were all part of Operation Rainfall. 

Along side that I still have my Maken X/Maken Shao review and comparison in the pipe line. This got pushed back due to prior commitments and for the good of the blog. They are still coming and I hope you all look forward to reading them when they eventually drop.

Alongside those I'll be reviewing 3DS/WIIU and the occasional ps3 title and I'm hoping to start an Uncharted Waters diary for my first playthrough. 

My final announcement is that I'm working hard alongside my good friend Kojiro who will have some exclusive content from Japan for you all really soon!. 

Geoff is currently working on a staff page where you will find more info about me and the other members of the blog. So without any more delay my year round up!

Top 5 releases in no particular order


Anyone familiar with my reviews shouldn't see this as a surprise. My review provided it with a 9.5 and I praise it to just about anyone that will listen!. Catch the review on this very blog 


3DS enhanced port of an already brilliant DS game. Based on the Shin Megami Tensei series you are given a SRPG set in a locked down area of Japan. With several routes through the story and a massive collection of demons to bid for and fuse, it should keep anyone entertained for a long time. With similar story elements to The World Ends With You this package despite being late to Europe is an essential purchase for any SMT/RPG fan 


A strange title by one of my favourite studios Platinum games. Upon first look you are given the impression Viewtiful Joe meets Pikmin. What you are actually given is a greatest hits of sorts. 

With the look of Viewtiful Joe, the combat of Devil May Cry/Bayonetta and the drawing ability of Okami and a sprinkling of Platinum's comedy and writing. It's a hardcore title that didn't sell half as much as it should and well worth any WiiU owner's time and money!

ASSASSINS CREED IV: BLACK FLAG (versions played ps3 & WiiU

A series I had long tired with came back into my life with a blast. Fantastic setting, outstanding gameplay and polished overall feel. Gave me the pirate fix I have needed for so long!, not the strongest in terms of AC mythology but certainly the best in terms of gameplay and things to do!. Looks amazing on any format though for me the WiiU had the best of current gen. Onwards my Nakama! 

NI NO KUNI PS3         

A bit of a mixed feeling with this title but I can't deny it. With a studio Gibli aesthetic this game took over this year and converted a lot of people to JRPG. I was in two minds with this title but looking back I remember most of it fondly. Well written and plays like a traditional JRPG, also has an amazing dub which suits the overall package. Battle system is a little ho-hum and the familiar capture system is a pain and needs addressing in the follow up. Overall it's a fantastic RPG and a good place for newbies and vets alike.

Honourable mentions!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.
I left this out because I didn't want 3DS dominating my list. Grade A Zelda title with fantastic use of 3D. Essential 3DS purchase

Tomb Raider
. The Tomb Raider reboot has to be the finest action game iv enjoyed in years. A rollercoaster ride that once kicks off refuses to stop until the credits roll.

And finally Sonic Lost World


I won't say too much on this as I'm planning an article for it but I will say the mainstream reviews were too harsh and possibly misunderstood this title! 



What was promised by Capcom as an adventure to rival the likes of AC & Deus Ex turned out to be an average in everyway Sci Fi adventure. I rode the hype train hard on this and derailed even harder.


I wanted nothing more to love this title, I really did. Unfortunately dodgy collision, lack of online co op until the end and lack of levels stopped me from enjoying. I believe a new patch has dropped which creates random dungeons so I'm interested in trying it again in the new year


This game was one I had been waiting on for a while. A One Piece RPG could of been so good, unfortunately it was below average and I was let down. My review is available at this site and was awarded 6/10 for One Piece fans or 5/10 for any others 

Most Awaited Titles


I personally cannot get enough of this spin off fusion with Etrian Odyssey. Hoping to hear a European release date on this in the new year


Announced at a Nintendo Direct this year with no data, it's gone far too quiet on this title. I'm hoping for a Q1 2014 release on this core SMT title


Platinum's next offering for the WiiU and follow up to one of my all time favourite action games. A release in 2014 would be fantastic 

Fire Emblem x SMT

I want more info on this crossover, i am highly interested to see how it's going to turn out enjoying both titles myself.


I doubt it but I am still hoping to get a Yakuza 5 announcement for Europe. As one of my all time favourite series I feel like I'm missing out too much. Also a Yakuza 1 & 2 HD announcement for either PS3 or WiiU would be nice Sega! 

That's been my yearly write up! I hope you enjoyed it and I cannot wait to report on more titles in our biggest year yet 2014

Thank you to our loyal readers and new readers who are helping this ride go along! 

Andi - Nintendo Editor 

New Persona Q Trailer

A new trailer for Persona Q (3DS) released earlier, shows a little more to the game. Also spotted in the trailer are the sheep/men and Vincent from ATLUS's previous title Catherine.

Below is the trailer 

Once again this game looks amazing and I for one cannot wait for it to release over here in Europe 


Friday, 27 December 2013

Digimon story : Cyber Sleuth Unleashes some screenshots and they are beautiful

Some time ago Digimon story : Cyber sleuth got announced for Playstation Vita. There was an teaser trailer shown on Jump Vesta but that was nothing special but now some screenshots are released and boy these are showing some eye candy! It looks like we can visit the real world this time! 
In the first screenshot it looks like you have to beat the digimon Grandlocomon. It looks like a turn based fighting game. Furthermore, the second screen you can clearly see on of my favorite digimon called Angewomon. 

The bad news is this game releases in 2015 ( Release date to be announced) futhermore, the chance this coming to the shores of Europe are close to zero. Luckily, we can import this game with some basic Japanese this game can be played ( Digimon games have never been released in Kanji --> Hiragana)

To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: Battle Ecstasy teases a trailer starring Lala Deviluke

This teaser has just released. This is one of my favorite Harem anime's EVER! The game is described as an harem action game. That means we will have some fighting but most of the time let the girls fall in love with Rito. I don't know about you guys but i'm ready to massage Momo and Lala to become the Harem/Deviluke King.

The bad news is the chance for this game coming to the west is close to zero. However, the Playstation Vita is not bound to region locking :) I'm going to import this beauty. To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: Battle Ecstasyis slated for release in Japan on May 22nd, 2014.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Team!

As you've no doubt noticed with there being no news posted since yesterday, we've decided to take the time off for Christmas Eve, Day & Boxing Day. No doubt it means one of us may have to post a bumper article detailing all the news we've missed over Christmas on Friday but that's a small price to pay. Anyways, Have fun!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Latest Yakuza Ishin Trailer

This is the latest Yakuza Ishin trailer available on the net (released over the weekend) and Ive managed to find one with English subtitles for those not fluent in their Japanese to understand what transpires in the video. As you've guessed its mainly cutscene cinematics spliced together with a (questionable?) One Ok Rock song called 'Clock Strikes', The band are only known to me due to their song No Scared used for the Black Rock Shooter Game intro, adding some background ambiance. No in-game footage unfortunately, but it does give you an idea of the quality of the CGI on show which is of the same high standard we've come to expect from the Yakuza Team. Enjoy!

3 Jump Festa Trailers

Not much news from Jump Festa seemed to eek its way to our shores, but I guess what did was more than enough to satisfy most people. I thought Id drop a few trailers together into a post:

Tales of Zestiria teaser


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 trailer


Bravely Second teaser

 Ill see what else I can dig up today. Its safe to say all 3 will be receiving a release in the west (Although no word yet on Bravely Second but it should be a given) so its something for us all to look forward to. Considering the Ps4 has been released, its great seeing the Ps3 still receiving some stellar titles next year.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Persona Q & Devil Survivor 2: Break Record news

Today Atlus dropped 2 new trailers for Persona Q on the Nintendo 3DS

Persona 3

Persona 4

They both show the characters from Persona 3 & 4 interacting in various scenes. The battle system is shown in more detail and as I previously guessed it's a fusion between Etrian Odysessy's and Persona's. It uses the first person perspective of EO's with the All Out System and Extra Turn Weakness from Persona.

In other news Atlus released a Christmas image. Inside the A is an image of the new original character from Devil Survivor 2:Break Record. Could this be Atlus's hint at a US release of the game? Hopefully it's picked up and released over in the EU in a more timely and less broken state! 

More news to come in the coming months

Andi/Nintendo Editor 

Whats in store for the Warriors series?

In an interview with Famitsu magazine a few weeks ago, Tecmo Koei’s vice president Hisashi Koinuma talked about some next generation ideas that he's been considering for future entries in the Warriors series and what possibilities could be in store for the popular series:

Famitsu asks about what could be in store for the next generation of Tecmo Koei’s Warriors games as development moves forward onto the next generation of consoles.

  • “On the subject of possibilities and new introductions, I believe that an open world Warriors game, or an RPG that utilizes a Warriors system would be quite interesting,” says Koinuma. “Also, we’ve acquired the knowhow of hunting-action games after developing Toukiden, so a Warriors game combined with elements of a hunting-action game would also be a possibility.”
  •  “One more thing: while much remains unknown for the time being, by utilizing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s next-generation specs, I believe that it might even be possible to come up with new game elements that have yet to be seen.”

Famitsu asks if there are any things that Koinuma has personally always wanted to try.
  • “Up until now, the movements of troops in the background of the Warriors games have been simulated in a rather simple way,” says Koinuma. “However, if we could fully simulate it all together, I believe that the strategic elements would see a major improvement, and the fights would be much more fun on a whole other level. Also, when the time comes that we start working on a new game for next-generation consoles, I’d like to thoroughly focus on the landscapes of the game,” he adds. “By adding more destroyable objects, I believe it could be fun to take things in a more realistic direction.”
Famitsu end the interview by asking him to share a message for the fans. 
  • “By continuing to pursuit the respective niches of our three major brands, we here at Tecmo Koei will continue aiming for new challenges,” shares Koinuma. “With this principle in mind, we’ve been working hard everyday on the development of a new IP. We’ll continue releasing games from our popular series, just as we’d like all our fans to continue enjoying them, so please look forward to our next developments.”

While the Warriors series is perfectly fine the way it is, some of these ideas do sound intrigueing. A hunting style Warriors games does sound a little odd to me though, but it could be a lucrative entry for the franchise if it manages to tap into the Monster-Hunter market successfully. Personally Im looking forward to whats in store for Dynasty Warriors 9 as the talk of improving landscapes, destructible environments & improving background troop movements to create a more strategic battle sounds like a great direction to go. There was no mention of Hyrule Warriors, but then with this interview being a couple of weeks old & the Nintendo Direct was only the other day, its understandable. Sounds like fans of the Warriors franchise could be in for quite an interesting generation.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Sony Japan unleashes gameplay and screenshots of Freedom Wars

 Sony Japan released some information about their new upcoming hunting game freedom wars. The tutorial that  you see above, is presented by the new game's mascot, propakun. He gives us a deep overview of the game and its systems, showing more gameplay than we ever seen before.

The screenshots below gives us more information about the whole prison theme in this game. My opinion on this game as your proclaimed sony/vita editor? I'm hyped for this one! I always enjoyed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Soul Sacrifice was on of my favorite games on the vita. Really looking forward to this!

Drakenguard 3 US news

Today Square Enix US posted new screenshots to go alongside the Japanese release of Drakengard 3. This is good news as details have been few and far between & most felt that SE may have forgotten the game. I'm sure I speak for most when I say YESH!!!!! 

Senran Kagura Teaser Site opened

Senran Kagura hasn't been too widely known in the west, aside from the anime, nothing else has really made its way over until recently with Senran Kagura Burst receiving a 3DS E-Shop release in the US. Here in the EU we gotta wait till February, but then we do get a physical release (Yes, I will be reviewing it [Hopefully its similar to Ikki Tousen - Eloquent Fist Ive been playing recently on PsP]) A teaser site for the series has been launched (LINK), complete with boobs that jiggle as you scroll down in the background, that will no doubt be used to highlight future news for the franchise. Producer Kenichiro Takaki will talk about what’s next in the Senran Kagura series during a Nico Nico livestream on January 8, 2014. He will be joined by Marvelous AQL president Shuichi Motoda, series voice actors Hitomi Harada and Eri Kitamura plus busty members from KNU. Anyone want to guess what Marvelous AQL will reveal? Localisation of the Vita game? Senran Kagura 2? a WiiU release (Takaki commented on the Wii U a while back: "the Wii U gives the chance for many unique ideas — using the control pad to observe bishojo girls, for instance.") I guess we'll have to wait and see

Here's a Hanzo academy trailer for Senran kagura Burst to keep us occupied:

Dynasty Warriors 8 Ps4/Vita Spring 2014 EU

With this one simple Q&A, the Ps4's stock has just risen quite a bit for myself. With the news of Hyrule Warriors yesterday and now this, it seems Tecmo Koei aren't pulling any punches going into the new year. There's still no solid confirmation of a date but to have TK themselves state that Dynasty Warriors 8, With Xtreme Legends seeing a release on the Ps3 at the same time, will be coming in Spring 2014 bodes well for the system. At long last an eastern series will be seeing a release on the Ps4 for those of us holding out for that reason.The game is set to release in February in Japan, so with it seeing a release so soon after in spring is a suprise. Also, You noticed what else is beside the Ps4 in the banner above? Thats right, PSVita! Now thats some great news to start the day with.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Braverly Default 3DS review


Today we are going to take a look at this years final RPG and last major release for the Nintendo 3DS Braverly Default. 

Published by Square-Enix and created by the studio famous for 3D Dot Heroes, Braverly Default is a spiritual successor to brilliant but flawed Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light. After a long wait for an overseas release it's finally dropped in Europe. Can they make up for past mistakes or is this game just too brave? 


Braverly Default stars Tiz, a farm boy living in the sleepy village of Norende. As usual not all is quiet for very long as the village is replaced by a giant chasm leaving Tiz all on his lonesome. He meets up with the Wind Vestal Agnes, following this you meet the loveable ladies man and Mr Amnesia himself Ringabell. Last but not least and the only member you have to fight, the fiery Edna!. 

You get the entire team within the first couple of hours, this means no late comers or Arc relevant members. The setting has a real fantasy vibe about it, very close to the likes of early Final Fantasy titles. From Castle towns, to Mill towns, caves, ruins, deserts, secret havens and military bases, Braverly makes you visit all the usual RPG locations. 

What sets it apart from other RPG's is the drawn art style combined with the 3D Effect. Not usually a fan of 3D but I always have it on for this, it looks like a living novel and brings so much more character to Braverly's locations. 

The character art style is identical to Four Heroes, a Chibi deformed art style which makes everyone look cute and young. Usually the opposite of what they are, it's not an art direction that bothers me and it doesn't effect the game in anyway. 

Monster design is the usual fare with zombies, enemy soldiers, mythical creatures and beasts. Some bosses are huge and it also features a cross over with Four Heroes in the shape of antagonist Beelzebub!. 


Here we have the core, the meaty heart of Braverly Default, the gameplay. It's your RPG system, you visit a town, story furthers, occasional side quest, dungeon, boss fight, grind. What sets BD apart from others on the market is features and execution. The story is top notch with laughter, sadness and anger all abundant. Character development is grade A up there with the ranks of Persona 4 and Tales Of Symphonia. 

You can cater the game to suit you, this is done by the always adjustable difficulty modifier. You can set how often random encounters happen, how tough they are & for our hardcore minimalist gamers if you get Xp or Jp for battles!. 

Braverly uses the Job system, some hate it I personally love it. You assign a job to some one, for example Monk, that person will then specialise in hand to hand combat. You get Job points after every battle, you use these to level up your job unlocking more moves and bonuses, these can then be used alongside another job to create a sort of fusion!. All the usual jobs are here like Knight, Black Mage and Monk alongside some more unusual ones like Time Mage and Merchant, all have advantages and disadvantages and change how the characters look when chosen. 

A new system Brave or Default. In the most basic terms it's turn management. If you Brave you can perform an extra action but you lose your next turn, you can do this up to 3 times. To Default you go into a defence like status and store a turn, once again you can do this up to 3 times. The key to Braverly Default is knowing when to Brave and when to Default, it's a brilliant system and is a lot more strategic than it first appears.

Following that we have Braverly Default, this is where regardless of turns you can unleash a barrage of actions and boost status. This is done by pressing start and select and uses SP points. These are gained by drinking SP drinks which build up over every 8 hours the game is in sleep mode, unfortunately there is also a lot of advertisement for the Microtransaction section, where you pay real currency for SP drinks. 

I'm not a fan of Microtransactions and wouldn't of minded if this was only on eShop. Unfortunately you access in game, with a constant reminder on your menu screen.

There is another way to gain SP but it's a secret that the player should fine out or look for online.

You can create special moves and the more you level up jobs the more extras you can add to them. You can then send this out online and via street pass and people can summon your character, this also means you can summon them should you need a little helping hand. 

Along these lines we also have the Ablink feature which allows you to link with any friends playing the game on 3DS. What this unlocks is the option to link any of your team with theirs unlocking even more job abilities. 

Just because your village is gone, Tiz isn't the kinda guy to let that stop him!. He has tasked himself with the job of rebuilding it! This is done by using a map screen and choosing the villagers to work on various projects. These unlock more items in the roaming store and improve special attacks. You get more villagers by accessing the online spot pass bit and by street passing friends. Some projects take up to 99 hours but this is only with 1 villager on, you can cut this down significantly by adding more to the job. All of this is done in real time so it's always a case of having the game on sleep mode, building up SP drinks and your village.

Alongside Side Quests you also have challenges along the lines of what you would find in an MMO to accomplish gaining you items.  

Final Words/Score

What we have been given here is a marvellous adventure which uses every part of the 3DS in a natural and useful way. With adjustable difficulty and many ways to make the game easier or harder it's for beginners and veterans alike, though I suspect Vets would get a little more from it.

Occasionally comes off as confused with it being separate from Final Fantasy, then it names the same items, some of the same enemies (cait sith) and even the Crystals plot device from earlier Final Fantasy games.

I'm enjoying my time with Braverly greatly and will go on the line and say that it's THE premier RPG on 3DS. With a stronger plot and better character development than that of Fire Emblem: Awakening, it truly takes the top spot for the handheld. Not only that but it's the finest JRPG I have played this year and I hope this sells well with a sequel on the way I would love this to bloom into a franchise. 

Taking all into account the confusion between spin off or separate entity and the sin of Microtransactions I unfortunately can't give it a 10, but can give it close enough to and I am pleased to announce that Braverly Default is being awarded 


And my personal game of the year award for 3DS
                             Review copy provided by our very own Remy! Thank you for the contribution to the Blog and for giving me the chance to review the game 

Nintendo Direct Roundup

So did you catch the Nintendo Direct feed? If not, don't despair as our Nintendo editor Andi was live tweeting during the show. To save you having to scour the internet for the latest tidbits, Here's the whole live tweet in chronological order for you. Only the content of the tweet is here to keep things snappy for you. Enjoy!

  • ZeldaxDynasty warriors or Hyrule Warriors as it was named (not final title) looks pretty good. Especially as a fan of both #NintendoDirectEU
  • New Kirby as well looks like it'll be quite the platforming game :) love Kirbeh! #NintendoDirectEU
  • Now they are showing off the Pokemon Bank, nifty little idea for fans of the 'mon #NintendoDirectEU
  • Ceribii free with the free trial of Pokemon bank for X & Y :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • The new Donkey Kong for WiiU actually pretty much looks perfect!. Especially with Kranky! #NintendoDirectEU
  • Live tweeting Nintendo Direct :) here @ Otaku Gamers UK -Andi-
  • Feb 21st Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for EU Release #NintendoDirectEU
  • Sonic Lost Worlds DLC announcement, based on famous Nintendo franchises! #NintendoDirectEU
  • Zelda themed DLC for Sonic next year (hinted at but apparently you can "LINK" your console next year) #NintendoDirectEU
  • Wii Sports Club Golf now.......-Yawn-
  • NES Remix mixed up nes games. E.G Link in Donkey Kong & highlights from the nes era #nintendodirecteu
  • Dr.Luigi "Is in the house" Luigi Puzzle based fun for all! #nintendodirecteu
  • Operation L Mode, for newbies and pros alike, all pills are in the L Shape. Dr.Luigi + Online play :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • Luigi's Mansion 2 Diarama for Stars Club #NintendoDirectEU
  • WiiU Karaoke cheap plug (y) stay classy Ninty!
  • Free download code for Mario Bros Deluxe <3 just create or link a new Nintendo Network ID #NintendoDirectEU
  • Download codes to be shipped out feb 13-feb 18 to registered Email :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • Prof Layton vs Pheonix Wright Confirmed for EU :) nice one Ninty #NintendoDirectEU
  • Rosalina for Smash Bros :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • & now Mario Kart 8 which is looking outstanding #NintendoDirectEU
  • & She's in Mario Kart 8 aswell! Ninty are giving Galaxy all the love! #NintendoDirectEU
  •  & it just ended quite abruptly..... no X, no SMT IV and few surprises. 6/10 #NintendoDirectEU

And that was it. That was everything that was shown/live tweeted. If you'd like to keep up to date for future show reveals we'll be live tweeting them much as possible so you could always follow our Twitter: @OtakuGamersUK.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z EU Demo Today

Namco Bandai should be releasing a demo of the fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, onto the EU Playstation Store later today. There will be a Ps3/Vita & Xbox360 demo to try if the US store update yesterday is anything to go by. Players will be able to choose characters between Goku, Kid Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo. Unlike other Dragon Ball Z games though, battles are four on four fights. The Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z demo has four missions to try in single player mode, a co-op mission, and battle mode. Your save data from the demo will be able to transfer into the retail game which comes out on January 24th (28th in the US) 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Namco Bandai will also be bringing the Vita version over as a digital download which I suume will be on the same date too.

You looking forward to the game, or not? I may give both the the Vita & Ps3 a version a try later.

Here's the TGS trailer to refresh your memory a little.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

100 Posts & counting.

This post is the 100th post! It seems like an age since that Project Diva review I did for the Ps3 on PushSquare a few months ago that got the ball rolling. Things have really picked up lately though. Staff now consists of  5. Andi is now our Nintendo editor and his experience reviewing for Punx has been invaluable for us with how we've progressed. Remy has brought a somewhat infectious enthusiasm to us and is our self-proclaimed Sony/Vita editor (although it might as well be official) with his Tearaway review being a notable highlight for Media Molecule taking notice of it & carrying it on Twitter. Joe is the latest addition who seems brimming with ideas and seems keen on Video reviews, so expect some content from him soon. The mysterious Koji is our 5th staff member so far. Currently runs a Youtube channel for those interested in checking his work. With views climbing steadily and content continuing to improve, I doubt we'll be going anywhere anytime soon!

I'm always thinking about the future here, but its something that has to be handled delicately. Doing too much too soon could cause things to buckle under the workload. So what have we been discussing of late?

  • Podcast: Now this is an idea that I think would be great. A weekly or bi-weekly podcast where we all get together and have a good chin-wag about games, anime's etc would be great. It was discussed last night so theres a pretty good chance of it happening at some point in the future
  • Video Reviews: This is something I had a look into myself a while ago, even opening up an Otaku Gamers UK channel on Youtube in preparation at one point, but the Content ID system that's currently been brought it made me a little cautious. Joe has expressed interest in this, so I suppose some testing is going to be needed if its Video's are something to look to in the future.
  • Guest Articles: This is something I'm going to keep running with at the moment. Recruitment has been slow & steady so I may stop that for now and See how this idea pans out.
  • Staff Page: Ive already created a page but at the moment it needs filling with content and placing on the homepage. Something I'm going to work on for the next week or so hopefully
That's not all, but other ideas are something to consider at a later date. These few will be discussed over the new year and they may be brought in not long after depending on how things go. This a purely voluntary run endeavour so anyone coming here enjoying the content doesn't have anything to worry about. We'll still be here for a long time yet. You never know though, if things keep improving the way they are, in a years time it could be a little different around here! Lets hope you guys stick around for another 100 posts!

Mysterious One Piece trademark registered.

It seems Namco Bandai registered a trademark for Lost Land Adventure in the states on 10th December. Could it be for an upcoming One Piece title? One Piece: Unlimited World Red hasn’t been announced for release on this side of the globe but with most of the One Piece games (We've already had One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 & Romance Dawn so far this year in the EU) seeming to make there way to our shores these days, its a possibility. Maybe it’s the name given to the upcoming 3DS monster-hunteresque game instead of a whole new game? With the states getting the 3DS version of One Piece: Romance Dawn in February, its most definately not that renamed. Something for the One Piece fans out there to spend some time mulling over.

Here's a trailer for Unlimited World Red, just in case:

Monday, 16 December 2013

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Vita EU release date.

After what has seemed like an age, Square Enix finally gave some information on the PlayStation Vita version of Final Fantasy X/X-2HD Remaster. With there being no information for so long and the lack of any mention when the release date for the console version was announced had left many of us pondering whether the Vita version was off the cards. Today though, we were given a release date of 21st March which is the same dayas the Ps3 version. Suprisingly (and contrary to previous speculation) PlayStation Vita owners can get both games in one package!  Final Fantasy X HD Remaster comes on the Vita gamecard and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster is available via a redeemable download code. Obviously a little miffed at no physical FFX-2 in the package but the fact both are supplied at the same price as the Ps3 version (Quoted as £29.99) is a huge relief. Both versions will have; Cross-Save support, PlayStation Trophies, an updated, rearranged and remastered soundtrack and  International Editions of both games. The Ps3 version though will have what looks like a very tempting special edition. The Limited Edition version (exclusive to European and PAL regions) includes a 48-page art book (collection of concept art from the games with notes from the original Final Fantasy X and X-2 development teams) and a special message from Producer Yoshinori Kitase. Plus, both games will be on the same disk and will no doubt offer a superior game technically to the Vita version. A tough decision lies ahead for some of us (Cross save though seems a shrewd move from SE for people who have both platforms)

Here's a new trailer! (May contain Spoilers)

Original post: Playstation Blog

Friday, 13 December 2013

Review: Black Rock Shooter (PsP)

Today's review is a little special in a way with it being the first request for a game to be reviewed. While I had been looking into getting the game myself at some point, the request provided the added impetus to give the game a chance. My only run-in with Black Rock Shooter previously has been the anime, which I enjoyed & found to be visually striking. Let's see if the anime's sparkle has transferred to the game, or maybe the developers decided to take their own path....