Saturday, 7 September 2013

Watashi no burogu e yōkoso!

Honestly, I dont know what Im doing with a blog. Ive never used blogging before. But what Im looking to do with this is to provide an imformation portal for those people out there who are interested in Niche & JRPG titles from the east that make there way here to the west. While there are website's available that carry this information, I find the numerous opinions of topics by different members of the staff can cause somewhat conflicting news stories. Here I hope the singular viewpoint of any news and reviews to be posted will ensure your correctly informed of the news/information you seek.

First things first though. Im a big fan of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series and also of Hatsune Miku. If there is any news of these two topics then I  may be a little hyped, especially if theres new games coming to the west! I will always remain impartial with my views though as you'll find out later when I post a link up to my recent Project Diva F EU review. Hyperbole and the like will be kept to a minimum as it can only cause information to appear skewed somewhat.

For updates on the blog or bite-sized news follow me on Twitter - @MadchesterManc

Feel free to post any comments & questions and Ill be checking the blog regularly to answer any queries. Please no trolling. If the games and news dont interest you, then what are doing here?

Jikai made!

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