Saturday, 7 September 2013

Project Diva F EU Review.

Not a bad game to start the reviews with. The review has been live though for the past 24+ hours on PushSquare (already recieved 900+ views) and has gone down a treat with everyone who has given me feedback on it. Yes: It is a favourible review, but thats mainly due to the gameplay itself and anyone who has played the Project Diva games on PsP (like myself) beforehand will echo my sentiments too that I have expressed in the Review.

I will be continuing to use PushSquare as my source for publishing reviews for the forseeable future due to the great community there that will no doubt appreciate reviews for these type of games and will be a good place to start while interest builds. On my Blog I will be posting just the conclusion from the reviews. While I could post the entire review here, I would like to keep that on PushSquare and would recommend that you have a look around the site while checking the reviews. It features staff that interact with its community and the community itself is one of the best Ive come across on gaming websites. On a final note I would like to thank my friend Andi Camac for his continued promoting of my Review & Blog on Twitter.

As promised, here is the conclusion from the review :
What we have here is a superb rythmn game. There is no denying that fact (Personally I couldn't help but wish I was playing this on the Vita though, damn SEGA!, but maybe that will come with the sequel next year). While people who have no interest in Vocaloids or rythmn games will probably give this game a miss regardless, any open-minded gamer out there looking to try something new could do a lot worse then to give Project Diva F a chance. There is the odd little niggle here n there, lack of online leaderboards probably the most glaring for a console release, but the gameplay has almost been refined to perfection that anyone who endears themself to Project Diva F can have hours of enjoyment. With the game also sporting the Studio n Edit features and the ability to share data online, even more hours could be lost creating your own content or downloading others. With bags of content, Stunningly refined & addictive gameplay, smooth graphics and a great soundtrack that all adds up to a must buy for Vocaloid fans. For everyone else, I cant recommend this game enough. If your still on the fence though you'd be a fool to pass up on this when theres a sale/price drop. All in all, a superb entry in series! Did I mention it features Hatsune Miku!!??

And for the Full review, Follow this link. Enjoy: Project Diva F Full Review

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