Thursday, 5 December 2013

Info: Persona 4 - Dancing All Night

Before I post up some tidbits on this game Ive come across theres something I gotta say, Im not like most poeple within the industry - I dont hold aloft Persona 4 as the pinnacle of JRPG's and no matter how hard you try to convince me otherwise, I still believe that Persona 3 was a better game in almost every way based upon the same template (Persona 4 Arena was an average 2D fighter at best, sorry) I guess the easing up of the difficulty & dropping the Shin Megami Tensei tag allowed the game to reach more of a mass market appeal than its superior predecessor in Persona 3 (That statement only doesn't apply if you speak to Remy here it seems) Ive been tasked with covering this simply because rythmn games are my forte so ill no doubt be purchasing it in the future, especially with it being noted that the Project Diva developer is working on the title. Just dont be expecting me to be gushing like the mainstream gaming press have been doing since this was announced....

Managed to bump into a story reveal that may interest -
The plot is set the summer after the Yasonaba case, and follows Rise, who has returned to the city to focus on her career as a dancing idol. It all gets a bit ‘The Ring’ however, as a strange website has been found circulating the public. It includes a video that, when watched, transports the viewer to “The Other Side.” Naturally it happens to Rise, and she finds herself in the other plane, which she realises is actually called the “Mayonaka Stage.” There, she finds that a junior idol team called “Kanamin Kitchen” are being held prisoner, so Yu Narukami and pals form a team to investigate and save the day. Yu Narukami is the protagonist assisting Rise, while a third character Kanami Mashita is one of the kidnapped junior idols.

The game is set to include over 30 tracks of new music and arranged Persona 4 tunes. Confirmed songs so far are “Pursuing My True Self,” “Heaven,” “Reach Out to the Truth,” (Winner! Favourite Persona 4 track) “Time to Make Nistory,” and “True Story.” Japanese musicians Tetsuya Komuro and Daisuke Asakura have teamed with Atlus to pen the score. I wonder if anything from Persona 3 will make it over? Then again I doubt it due to 3 having a different 'vibe' but hopefully some will arrive via DLC at least. All will no doubt be revealed closer to the titles fall 2014 estimated release date for Japan.

In case you missed it, heres the launch trailer -

and a few screenshots -

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