Tuesday, 22 July 2014

News: Famitsu Reveals Info for Nippon Ichi's Vita Game

Information Via Famitsu seems to reveal just what Nippon Ichi's teased game could possibly be.
There's still a couple of days to go till the game is properly revealed as the image above is what sits on the teaser sites homepage, but the Japanese magazine has announced the game will be Oedo Blacksmith ,or Great Edo Blacksmith. You will play as a swordsmith, and only has one year remaining to live. Your goal for the game is to make money as a swordsmith and fall in love with a girl. Mining minerals, exploring dungeons & wooing girls seems to be the order of the day for this title. Nippon Ichi has also alluded to that the game will feature some 'erotic' elements, although no other information is known on what this could mean. There's still some time to go till a full reveal is given.

Source [Game Jouhou] [Siliconera]


  1. Not sure I'm enjoying the details all too much tbh, sounds like a Waifu Simulator with the DS version of Harvest Moon thrown in.

  2. With the success of Tomadachi Life and New Leaf there will be more of these "life simulator" type games I assure you. Although it could be good if you have a system like Etrian Odyssey where you have to kill enemies to make your weapons.

  3. Most Harvrest Moons have this in mind but its more Rune factory sound sep with no Monster slaying it seems will see thoe but sound right up my ally probly with snag it

  4. Actually sat with a sealed Tomadachi Life here ready to play, I don't mind "Life Sims" it's just when they focus on the romance aspect I lose interest.

    I'm a huge fan of Harvest Moon but often get looked down at because i'm in the series for the actual farming and social interactions, i'm not too fussed about the romance aspects.

  5. Started Tomadachi Life last night because I got it cheap at Hyper Japan :D it has actually been quite funny so far, I would recommend going to this websitehttp://tomodachiqr.tumblr.com they have a list of QR codes for pre made Miis that make populating your little island that much quicker. Some of the interactions are funny but it is generally just random as hell.

  6. I have been playing it nearly none stop the past couple of days, it's the perfect pick up for 10 mins game my 3DS has needed!.

    Thanks for the site, I'v been using Twittah to find a few but that should boost my island hugely