Wednesday, 10 September 2014

News: Bon Appétit PSVita Physical Release in Japan

Interested in a physical copy of Senran Kagura Bon Appetit? Marvelous are to release one in Japan.
Set to launch on November 27th is the dual pack (pictured above) with both Senran Kagura PSVita games, Bon Appétit and Shinovi Versus.

A standalone version of Bon Appétit is also set to be released, which will feature both packs and a code to download Daidoji and Rin. As a pre-order bonus, Marvelous is offering a Dekamori file visual book and a two disc soundtrack CD (Pictured above)

Bon Appétit is to release in the west digitally within the next few months (October 2014 TBC)

Source [Siliconera]


  1. With the retail release of Dekamori in Japan, the digital release is no longer as attractive as it used to be. I really hope that at the bare minimum a limited print run is considered (not that its illogical to begin with).

  2. It is a little surprising that XSEED haven't decided to do another limited physical run as they chose to do with Shinovi Versus. Must be a bit more of a riskier proposition to them

  3. The thing is they should make some kind of anouncement and confirm or deny if a retail relese would happen. I understand this is a company that delves in niche products, however Xseed or Marvelous not making a statement will hurt sales if people consider holding out for a retail copy that may never come or hold of there purchase for a later day.

  4. I'm liking the dual box design. Looks so foine! Though I would like to pre-order Bon Appetit for the soundtrack. But I'm guessing by the time it gets a western release, you won't be able to pre-order it for the soundtrack~ :/

  5. This Japanese physical release has both parts of Bon Appetite together, which I think is what we will be getting for our digital release - so it's unlikely we'll see this release on our shores =( That visual book looks glorious tho so it's tempting to preorder a Japanese import

  6. Japanese import. Probably our only hope~ >_<