Wednesday, 10 September 2014

News: Project Zero WiiU Overview Trailer

Overview trailer has been released by Nintendo for the latest Project Zero as it approaches release.
Much of the trailer focuses on the protagonist,Yuuri Kozukat, a she explores an area - showcasing the games use of the WiiU gamepad. The gamepad is, in a sense, the series iconic camera Obscura. Raising up the pad brings the viewfinder of the Obscura over the current in-game view; with tilt being useable to get the best angles on your shots for maximum damage. The trailer also reveals 2 other playable characters, Miu Hinasaki - a missing girl that you will begin searching for at the beginning of the game, and Ren Houjou - a man investigating the scholarly work of an ethnologist. Project Zero is due to launch in Japan on September 27th for the WiiU.

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