Sunday, 8 September 2013

A miniscule update of nothing.

Nothing today to report. I decided to leave any news gathering for now while the dust settles on my Project Diva F review and then crack on with a first tidbit of information tomorrow. Not fully decided what game Ill look into yet. Ill also be looking at sprucing the place up a little. The barren looking aspect of the blog can't be any good for you folks that visit so tomorrow Ill also be working on giving the place a good lick of paint.

There is a couple of things worthy of mention for today though. With there being a few notable titles being released or due for release on the 3DS I decided to pick one up last week. Ill be looking into titles for the Ps3, Vita & now the 3DS. The only issue would be if I was to review a 3DS game. Unlike PushSquare I haven't quite been enticed into joining its sister site Nintendo Life, so any reviews for 3DS games that I do I will post straight to the blog If im unable to find somewhere to post them to (maybe the 'Other Consoles' section of the PushSquare Forum will suffice?). Not really much of an issue I suppose. Also Im currently mulling over enabling comments by anonymous users so people can comment without having to register. I had a little discussion with a friend concerning it today and while it will no doubt lead to some trolling n the like, It could also benefit the Blog. Ill decide tomorrow while Im busy working on everything else to do with the blog.

For now, Im going to put my feet up and play some Valkyria Chronicles (£10! Bargain! Cheers Andi), Eterian Odyssey IV (new aquisition for my 3DS) or something else that tickles my fancy. Hopefully Ill see you tomorrow when everything looks spiffing!

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