Monday, 7 October 2013

1st Month retrospective & PSA

Public Service Announcement: Some posts are missing from the blog! Why this has happened and how the issue has arisen is completely unknown. At the moment it just seems to be localised to both posts on Friday, but I'll be keeping a closer eye on things for a little while now.  Id like to think it wasn't the admin account being compromised. Its a mystery and I'm hoping to find out whats gone on, Ive already enquired with Blogger/Google. I don't wanna be calling in Mulder & Scully though...

Saturday was the 1 month anniversary of the blog! Yes I had some Sake like I said, even got some for Andi but whether he ended up stumbling around his house from the rice wine I do not know. A month is not quite long enough to throw a sexy party in celebration but its worth looking back on. With the daily view count slowly rising its been a more successful month than I originally hoped, more than likely due to Andi's inclusion on the team. I have been looking at adding other authors to expand coverage and news, but the couple of offers Ive sent out have yet to receive a reply. Today I'm going to look back on a few articles from the month that have either been well received by readers or have seemed to be a traffic magnet. Lets begin!
Project Diva F Review ( Post / Review )
There couldn't be any other post really to start with. This review was the reason I started writing on the Otaku blog. It was so well received, even by those with no interest in the game, that I decided to keep writing and Otaku Gamers Blog was born. The view count for the review on PushSquare is also staggering, currently sitting at 2,542! No doubt with me pushing the review out so soon after release and PushSquare themselves not hosting a review helped with its popularity. I recently went back and had a read of the review and to be honest I still wouldn't change a thing in it. It also opened my eyes up to just how much effort a review is. At least a few hours of work is needed. While my other reviews since, Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll (Review) & EDF 2017 Portable (Review), haven't been anywhere near as successful - Ill still continue doing reviews. If you've still yet to read the Project Diva F review, go and have a read. Its pretty much the only mention of Hatsune Miku on the blog considering how awesome she is!
Andi's debut post (Post)
Andi's first post was a scorcher on the view stakes, almost causing the blogs view count for the day to hit triple digits! While it was supposed to be a write up for a single game it became somewhat of a Suda51 gospel. The word count on it also puts my reviews to shame it seems! Anyone interested in playing some of Suda's back catalogue would be wise to reference Andi's post considering he pretty much details almost every game! A few days after the post I picked up a copy of Shadows of the Damned due to the post and recommendations so take a look and see which Suda games tickle ya fancy to go back and try! You could always tweet Andi for a recommendation if your not sure which suits you.
 Who's the perverted one? (Post)
The most viewed post on the blog and one of the best pieces Ive wrote so far. It tackles an issue that's been grinding my gears for a while and has no doubt been something most Jrpg gamers have come across themselves at the hands of certain gamers. If you've ever suffered abuse at the hands of other gamers over the Jrpg's you play, this post explains just how wrong they are with simple logic and details why. Ive received quite a lot of positivity from readers concerning this post which is always good. Not had anyone disputing its points yet though...
Otaku Mobile Games (Post)
Oddly enough this seemed to be a fairly popular post, up there with the previous 2 posts mentioned in view counts. No doubt people are intrigued by what they can do to Otaku their phones it seems. Have you tried Moe can Change! yet? I bet you haven't. While I had only mentioned a few games, It is probably going to be the first of many posts in the coming weeks with regards to Mobile gaming. With it being popular in Japan, we wouldn't be much of an Otaku gamers blog if we didn't cover some of the titles that make there way to our app store, plus theres no doubt people out there that see phones as a viable gaming platform. In the future I do have another post similar to this planned and also a bumper one for Jrpg's as Ive managed to get hold of a few to try.

While I've only mentioned these few posts, I'm still proud of the work that's been done so far. I was hoping that with me opening the comments section up to anonymous users a few weeks ago we'd receive some direct feedback here but it doesn't seem to be used by anyone. So whats in store for the future? Well things seem settled now so not much else will change. Hopefully some more authors will join to get more news & game coverage to the readers, but aside from that there isn't really any other plans in the pipeline for the coming weeks. The game releases will be picking up again soon so reviews will start to become more frequent seen as its been a couple of weeks since the last one. Any suggestions or ideas from the regular readers? I know we have some! Let me know here in the comments or, as always, on my Twitter @MadchesterManc

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