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Gaming Roundup!

*Luckily Andi archives his posts! This is his post from Friday!*

Come one come all to my gaming round up. Consider these mini reviews/buyers guide, as Geoff has stated we are independent run in our spare time & off our own funds. It's takes a great deal of time to write a review and even more so to play a game to the amount you can review it with correct experience.
My aim with this is to tell you what is currently in my console/PC/handheld why I'm playing it and why I think you should too!

 DISGAEA D2: A Brighter Darkness

First time in the main Disgaea series (excluding the Prinny games) we have a direct follow up. Following the events of Disgaea 1 Laharl and the gang are back once again shaking heaven and hell!.

SRPG heaven with a comedic twist! When it comes to Disgaea I'm weak, I can't help but love every game in the series (including Visual novel Infinite).

Personally from what I have played it has to be the best one to date. Up to where I am the story has been slow but still serves it's purpose and has plenty of comedy. HD sprites look amazing and there is a wealth of new features for vets and newbies alike. Example are mounting creature characters (Laharl on a dragon ftw) to combat training and old staples such as item world.

Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightening Bolt

Third entry in level 5's RPG/Football series. For those unfamiliar think Pokemon but instead of battles they have football matches to solve everything from global domination to bullying at school.

What I have to point out that despite this being a 3DS title it is intact a DS port. For some reason it takes forever for us to get Inazuma and unfortunately since we got the 2nd in the series they managed this one, a special edition of it and a 3DS series Go!. It looks great & plays fantastic but it is just a DS game and is priced as such.

Not being a football fan I would usually ignore these titles but the lure of kicking balls of fire and a "gotta catch them all" style team development has made me a fan. Battles use a brilliant system using stylus only and when your hard work pays off during match you feel amazing.

The dub as in previous games is horrid, for example team Inazuma is a Japanese based team but voiced as a team of London cockneys!. The story is a lot more mellow compared to the last instalment which featured aliens destroying schools!.
World tournament of football is taking place and they are looking to make a Japanese national team. Cue Mark Evans, team Inazuma and every other character from the previous games.

Unfortunately I'm not far enough in the story to say much more than that but I hear it does tangent off a little later on!. A fantastic game and well worth carrying around with you in your 3DS, I cannot comment on street pass as I have yet to pass anyone with the game :(
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

Another sequel I'm currently playing, it's another notch in the successful musou spin off series (gundam & fist of the North Star are other notable games) based off the manga/anime One Piece.

Pirate based going ons based in the world of Monkey D Luffy & his Straw Hat Pirate crew, his objective is to find One Piece (a treasure) in which will make him "Pirate King".

Here we have a typical musou/warriors game play of you versus thousands, capturing bases & fighting enemy officers. This is a game for Warriors fans and especially One Piece fans.

I'd recommend this more for fans of the series, even though it doesn't follow cannon and is an extreme what if? Story, a lot of the story impact will be lost if you don't know the characters. There is a gallery and info about all the characters so you can read up about them there but for me it's the strange bedfellows knowing these characters as I do that keeps me playing the story mode.

Another addictive aspect to it is coin collecting. You find them in levels and get better ones by completing secret objectives. They make your characters stronger and are shiny so I want them all!

Overall it's tight package geared more towards fans of the traditional Musou gameplay as it's just battles no adventure stages this time around!.

That's what I'm playing mainly at the moment, there are others but Geoff has already covered them (KH & Soul Hackers) or in the case of Anarchy Reigns I'll be making a follow up article to Geoff's Madworld article.

I should be more active for the next couple of weeks as I have no review work on so expect to see a touch more of me in the coming weeks!.

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