Tuesday, 4 March 2014

New Kirby Triple Deluxe screenshots

At the Toy Fair in New York, Nintendo decided to unleash a new playable build of the upcoming Kirby Triple Deluxe on 3DS.  Like the traditional Kirby games that have come before, you navigate the little pink puffball through the series staple cute sections of Dream Land—primarily by swallowing enemies and absorbing their abilities. 4 new abilities are said to be making there way into this release for long time fans to play with.

As you can see from the screenshots, its looking quite beautiful, with a sheen seemingly better each time the game is shown that should look quite glorious in 3D (Hopefully we don't get partial 3D support like Pokemon X&Y) Its not just the screenshots that were shared, information for the games other 2 modes (making up the triple in the title) was also shared. The game is due for release in the US on May 2nd.

  • Kirby Fighters looks to be a smash bros-lite. From what has been gathered so far tho, the move-sets aren't quite so character specific, but it should be a nice distraction from the main game
  • Dedede's Drum dash is a rhythmic off shoot of the game featuring many soundtracks from the series. Gameplay mainly involves collecting coins and avoiding enemies by bouncing them off his drums. Could be a good slice of fun

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