Wednesday, 5 March 2014

News - Freedom War Story Trailer

A new trailer has been released by SCEJ for it's upcoming PS Vita title, Freedom Wars.

Freedom Wars is set in the future where the world in uninhabitable outside the cities walls. These cities, known as Panopticon, are constantly at war due to the lack of resources. But, the biggest problem is over population. Due to this a new rule was set in place; if you are arrested for a crime and found guilty, you punishment is to battle giant monsters, "Abductors".  The time sentence for this is 1,000,000 years but is knocked down by ever Abductor defeated.

The new trailer introduces two new characters;
  • Beatrice “Lily” Anastasi (voiced by Eriko Nakamura) – A mysterious woman captured in the depths of Panopticon. After being rescued by the protagonist, the pair act together as criminals.
  • Abel “Strafe” Barth (voiced by Junichi Suwabe) – The Horai Party rivals the protagonist’s party and Abel is their ace. He calls himself one of the strongest criminals in the world—a criminal with dangerous ideology.
Are you ready to fight for your freedom?

[Source: Gematsu]

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