Thursday, 15 May 2014

News: Agarest Zero DLC & a little Ghostlight tease...

The latest Ghostlight Blog post had some juicy teases to go with the DLC announcement.

First off, The second DLC bundle for Agarest Zero is due to go live at 6pm via Steam. The bundle contains - Chaotic War Pack, The L Family Pack & Extra Points Pack 4, which priced at £4.99 represents a 30% saving over the individual price for those eagerly awaiting extra goodies.

There was also a mention of Digital Devil Saga 1&2 and the possibility of a PSN release -
"Moving on to SMT: Digital Devil Saga I and II for PSN – if you remember last week I mentioned we were looking into these titles again following the recent release of SMT: Nocturne on the North American PSN Store. Well, earlier today I learned that following some discussions with Sony, they are investigating whether the two Digital Devil Saga titles will work with the latest version of the PS2 emulator.  This process is likely to take a few weeks but we’re keeping our fingers crossed in the hope that all goes well.  Whatever happens, I’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as I hear anything"
Ross Brierly, PR Ghostlight

...And there was also a tease for an announcement of a Japanese dungeon crawler RPG that will be revealed on the Ghostlight Blog next week. The title is set to be released on PC via Steam, which is all we know so far. I guess we'll have more information on the title next week.

Source [Ghostlight Blog]

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