Monday, 13 October 2014

News: Hatsune Miku Heading to the UK

Hatsune Miku's popularity seems to be on the rise, as shes set to perform during HYPER JAPAN.
Whilst the performances will be done in 30 minute slots to about a 100 people each time, it should give vocaloid fans a taste of the Miku experience from her sell out concerts. HYPER JAPAN had this to say:
"Good news for all you Vocaloid and cosplay enthusiasts out there who are simply mad about Miku! At our Christmas Market this November, the world-famous pigtailed girl in green will be gracing our concert room for multiple 3D performances running throughout the event! Fans will be able to watch a large-scale Hatsune Miku singing and dancing along with a selection of her songs, and, of course, green glow sticks will be handed out to audience members to perfect the Miku concert atmosphere. Each performance will run for around 30 minutes, with 100 people able to watch at a time – so remember to get in there fast and reserve a spot before seats run out in your preferred time slot! Next to the screening room there will also be some ‘community tables’ where fans can get together and try their hand at Vocaloid-themed activities and competitions. What’s more, before each Miku concert, there will be a short talk about Vocaloid history and their cultural significance in Japan – putting all this Miku mania within a fascinating wider social context. Anyone else suddenly feel like dancing for joy?
It’s important to note that none of this would be possible without the organisers Mirai no Neiro (Sound of the Future), a grass-roots volunteer group who aim to introduce Japan’s Vocaloid culture to countries around the world. So far they’re doing a pretty amazing job – having pulled off highly successful Vocaloid concerts in the US, Germany, Taiwan, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico and Chile, all in only 7 years since their first overseas venture in 2007! This will be their first performance in the UK, so let’s give them a warm British welcome by joining in and experiencing the fascinating musical phenomenon that is Hatsune Miku and her sell-out concerts"


  1. I didnt know that organizations like "Mirai no Neiro (Sound of the Future)" existed, guess theres an app for that too (Bad joke but its my bad joke)

  2. I should be attending this, It sounds great. Hyper Japan is worth a visit anyway as long as you like all things Japanese and not just games. Last time there I did not really see a large number of games but you do get a lot of other Japanese things that are very interesting.