Monday, 16 March 2015

News: In-Game Footage of Dragons Dogma Online

Gameplay of Dragon’s Dogma Online has been shown at the Dengeki Bunko Spring Festival.
The 17 minute long footage shows some of the games cinematics, hub area and also how the games online aspects will play out during a mission. Other information shared during the presentation includes:
  • Up to 100 players can join a lobby.
  • It’s possible to match between servers, as well as warping to a friend’s server.
  • Quest board requests change every day.
  • There are various types of quests, including simple requests that players can challenge solo.
  • Players receive “Main Quests” to advance the story at special locations. The main story begins when players are tasked with solving the mystery of why the White Dragon was turned to stone.
  • You can jump while in the lobby.
  • There are communication elements like motions and set phrases. Some of the set phrases are voiced.
  • The map is three times the size of the first game.
  • Fields include the forest, lake, mines, and more.
  • In the video, the player’s party consists of a Fighter, Shield Soldier, Priest, and Hunter.
  • Orcs become an important enemy players will find themselves fighting many times during the story. Orcs themselves have many variations, with their lowest ranks appearing in the gameplay video.
  • The Orcs have a stronghold, which players invade as part of the story.
Dragon’s Dogma Online is due to launch later in the year for Playstation 4, Playstation 3 & PC in Japan.

Source [Game Talk] [Gematsu]

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