Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Anime's doing the rounds on my Gizmo's.

I've decided to take a break from games here today, although there is a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer doing the rounds that may interest you (LINK) Instead I'm going to be sharing some anime's that Ive been watching these past few months. Ive got a feeling that a few may suprise you, or you may have secretly watched yourself but don't say to maintain the anime connoisseur facade you have going on. I haven't watched any from the latest 'season'. I don't tend to follow anime that way, instead I just marathon a series when its finished (the hype for certain series tends to have died down then too) So what have I been watching? Mostly older anime's from previous seasons, some are even older than that! I use KissAnime myself, it allows 720p streams and also HTML5 streaming for mobiles (anime's look dandy on my Xperia Z) so Ill provide links to the animes listed there if your interested in giving them a go.
This is the one I'm currently watching at the moment. Its been a long time since Ive done anything Disgaea so I thought Id rejig my memory with this anime due to D2 being released not too long ago. The story is based on Hour Of Darkness, but skews at certain points apparently. It starts with Laharl being awoken from his slumber by Flonne, an angel apprentice, and upon learning that the overlord (his father) is dead he sets out to claim his throne with Flonne in tow and later joined by Etna. I'm only about half way through it so far, but its a lot of fun. I find it to be one of the most amusing anime's Ive seen for a while. The relationship between Laharl & Flonne is a particular highlight, with most of the amusing moments coming when Flonne starts blabbering about love - much to the dismay of Laharl. If your looking for a little fun in an anime Id say try this if you haven't already. When Ive finished with the anime I may grab a copy of Disgaea D2.
KissAnime Link
Another fun anime. In truth I don't even know how I came to be watching it in the first place though. It was a Sake fuelled night so that may have been why. The anime follows a group of schoolgirls who just so happen to be guns. Yeah, the premise is that bizarre but surprisingly the anime is not. Upotte follows the adventures of Funco (FNC) and her 3 best friends Ichiroku (M16A4), Elle/Eru (L85A2) and Sig (SG550) as they make their way through the school year. The hilarity's start straight off the bat when their new homeroom teacher arrives who is just a normal human and knows nothing of what the school is really about, causing numerous misunderstandings almost straight away. With the anime shunting the use of any ecchi (except for the obligatory hot springs segment all anime's seem to have), it keeps everything light-hearted & fun. The only issue is the 10 episode run time. I managed to watch the whole series in one night. This does cause it to feel a little rushed towards the end, but its such a sweet anime Ive started watching it again anyway. The OVA isn't too good though. Give it a go if your looking to try something light-hearted that differs from the norm you usually watch.
KissAnime Link
 Date A Live
This seems to be one from the past few months that most people Ive mentioned it to have seen. With a second season announced almost upon completion of airing the first season, it must have gone down a treat with most people. The anime follows Shido, who's sister recruits him to partake in taking 'spirits' on dates so they fall for him and he seals their powers with a kiss, ensuring the world is safe! There are a couple of twists later in the series that makes things even more interesting, but the anime doesn't deviate much from its 'spirit' date storylines. In truth its not as fun as the previous 2 Ive mentioned, but its still interesting and features some really cool fight scenes between the 'spirits' and the AST who are trying to destroy the spirits. If you haven't seen it yet, Id recommend it. With a second season on its way soon too there'll be plenty to sink your teeth in to. If its of any interest, there's also a Ps3 game available..only in Japan though.
KissAnime Link
Hyperdimension Neptunia
This just had to be put here! In truth it does start a little slow. The first few episodes seem a little off and its not till about episode 4 when the anime picks up, with the second half of the series being an absolute blast to watch. That wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't waiting weekly for each episode though! There is an underlying story arc running through the series which doesn't come to the fore till the last few episodes, so it keeps you intrigued in that way too. Again, its all about fun. The anime is similar to how Disgaea is with is light-hearted & amusing approach. Theres still fight scenes too and most of the characters make an appearance through the series. AT 12 episodes, Its a little short for me but hopefully there'll be a second season. If your a fan of the games, you should have watched it. If not, Why? The anime is basically the same format as the game. Everything that's in the games is in the anime, parodies and all. One for fans indeed, but good enough to work as a taster for those with interest in seeing what the Hyperdimension Neptunia series is all about.
KissAnime Link

As you've probably guessed, I tend to watch mainly anime's that come across as light-hearted & fun these days. I used to watch a lot of Sci-Fi & supernatural ones but Ive slowly gone off those. The last one like that I watched was probably 11 Eyes (KissAnime Link), which was actually good although a few more episodes to flesh the story out a little more would've been nice. At the times the 12 episode standard that seems to do the rounds with anime's isn't always enough. So what anime's are doing the rounds in your gizmo's? Let me know and I may check em out!

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