Sunday, 13 October 2013

Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom Review (Ps3/Xbox360)

Finally have another detailed review for you guys to have a look at! I took some time off to catch up on games Id been neglecting to play through due to completing games for reviewing purposes. I do like to play games for things other than reviewing! While the game Ive looked at isn't a new release by any means, its one of those elusive ones that seems to have been forgotten with time due to its niche nature. Is it worth digging out? Find out with this review of course!

Full review on PushSquare again, here's the conclusion
While the game does have some technical issues & the odd clunky moment, it has enough charm to supersede its issues and provide a fairly entertaining romp. The puzzle filled adventure gameplay will no doubt keep your mind ticking over and would interest those nostalgic for adventure games of yesteryear. Where the game succeeds the most is in its ability to convey the need for the characters to rely on each other. The vulnerability that sets in when you are separated from the Majin is testament to that. If you can look past its niggles & rough around the edges nature, You'll find a charming adventure that shows a symbiotic relationship can be struck up between a player & their AI partner.
Here's the link for the FULL review - LINK   

Next week I may be looking into doing smaller reviews for Beyond & the Vita version of Dragons Crown. Those will be going straight onto the blog though due to Pushsquare having reviews for those as it is. I almost forgot. Apologies for no post on Friday. The opinion post on Thursday continued to attract attention the following day so I decided to leave it be for an extra day. Must be more interest than I realised for Beyond. The 2 opinion pieces Ive done have seemed to be fairly popular so I may continue to do those every now n again, but they usually only come around when they are triggered somewhat. We shall see. Hope you enjoy the review! Follow me on Twitter for up to the minute blog news @Madchestermanc

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