Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Upcoming: Gravia Tactics

Gravia Tactics is a new kickstarter project by two man team Punchbag Entertainment, this title looks to be extremely promising and the team at Otaku Gamers UK are here you make you aware of what is in store should this title come into fruition. 

Described as a P.C Tactical RPG, Gravia Tactics aims to have an anime art style with mature overtones, an intricate battle system and powerful storytelling. 

Here is a list of the promised features for the title 


  • A compelling plot with mature overtones - Follow our misfit band of adventurers into incredible hardship. They go through the unthinkable in their unerring mission to save the world.
  • A rich and inviting world - Explore beautiful, hand-drawn environments and their captivating, hand-animated inhabitants!
  • Fully voiced - Enjoy every major NPC interaction through high quality voice acting!
  • Anime cutscenes - Be captivated by Gravia Tactics' many twists and turns as told through detailed, high impact Anime cutscenes.
  • Legend System - Piece together information from around Gravia to track down powerful, ancient treasures and the behemoths that guard them!
  • Non-linear progression - Fine tune the party's abilities, gear and composition to fit your playstyle.
  • Multi-layered combat mechanics - Defeat the impossible by capitalising on the synergy of over 20 combat mechanics intricately designed to play off each other.
  • Challenging AI opposition - Built from the ground up to understand the battlefield like a player, don't underestimate the enemy!
  • Bonus Goals in every battle - Beat optional challenges to earn unique rewards in the form of additional resources, rare items and even additional story snippets!

Here is a link to the Kickstarter for the project 

The game is inspired by titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea & Gungnir, also included is this pre-alpha video for you to get an idea what the game is like 

Stretch goals go from the games release up to a possible PS4 release at £160k!

We are looking forward to hearing more from this title and are hoping it does greenlight! So head over to the kickstarter and read all about this fantastic and passionate product they are hoping to release! 

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  1. This looks good, but with the negative press of kickstarter lately it has made me worry about projects getting completed (see Yogscast Kickstarter for more information). Kickstarter money has to go to the project, but they are not under any contract to complete the game. And bring it to Vita not PS4 tactical games are made for handhelds.