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Roundup: Reviews so far...

Yeah we got cheerleaders today as Its been almost 2 months now and with reviews for new & recent game releases now starting to make their way onto here more often, things are starting to pick up! I thought Id compile together all the reviews so far to see whats been looked at already. Over the weekend I traded Dragon's Crown & Pokemon Y so Ive managed to grab a handful of games that I may review over the next couple of weeks. The biggie would Probably be Disgaea D2 which released a couple of weeks ago, so Ill hopefully drop one onto here for that next week. What else is coming? Who knows, but the reviews are definitely going to be continuing to be published on a regular basis. With this list the reviews are listed in chronological order (oldest first > newest last) with links to the complete review under the conclusion. Onto the list!!

Project Diva F (Ps3) - 9/九
What we have here is a superb rythmn game. There is no denying that fact (Personally I couldn't help but wish I was playing this on the Vita though, damn SEGA!, but maybe that will come with the sequel next year). While people who have no interest in Vocaloids or rythmn games will probably give this game a miss regardless, any open-minded gamer out there looking to try something new could do a lot worse then to give Project Diva F a chance. There is the odd little niggle here n there, lack of online leaderboards probably the most glaring for a console release, but the gameplay has almost been refined to perfection that anyone who endears themself to Project Diva F can have hours of enjoyment. With the game also sporting the Studio n Edit features and the ability to share data online, even more hours could be lost creating your own content or downloading others. With bags of content, Stunningly refined & addictive gameplay, smooth graphics and a great soundtrack that all adds up to a must buy for Vocaloid fans. For everyone else, I cant recommend this game enough. If your still on the fence though you'd be a fool to pass up on this when theres a sale/price drop. All in all, a superb entry in series! Did I mention it features Hatsune Miku!!??
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Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll (Ps3) - 6/六
 So what can I say here? Well, I commend Omega Force for trying to create a JRPG for a western audience. The problem is that in doing so, the JRPG aspects of the title come across as being a little underdeveloped, especially the lack of a crafting system. At times the game comes across as unfocused and its structure suffers somewhat leaving it to feel a little repetitive. While I didn't like its art-style, the fantasy styling will appeal to those fond of Western RPG's without a doubt but its technical shortcomings should also be something to be cautious of. While it deos have its shortcomings, the combat system for Trinity is actually really good, superb even. But alas, games are a complete package so even a few notable parts of greatness cannot stop the inevitable. While I can't say Id recommend this game, If you see it cheap (around £10/$10) you could do a lot worse. If your mindful of the shortcomings Ive pointed out then the combat system may be enough to keep you entertained and you could get some enjoyment from the game.
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 Earth Defense Force 2017: Portable (Vita) - 8/ 八
While the game does little to belie its budget nature, practically revelling in its B-movie charm, Its the prime example of a gamers game. Gameplay is king and with Sandlot having made sure the most basic mechanics of gameplay are well developed, a lot of fun can be had by anyone who gives it a chance.  The secondary character, Palewing, doubles the content and is great bonus for those that have played the original due to her different play style. Will it appeal to everyone? No. Its budget nature ensures a niche audience but for those looking for pure gameplay goodness, There aren't many games that betters it and the amount of content for £23.99 is more than worthy. Take a chance and I guarantee you'll be chanting 'EDF EDF EDF' or shouting 'Come on you apes. You wanna live forever!' in your best Micheal Ironside impression before the war is won. 
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Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom (Ps3/Xbox360) - 7/七
While the game does have some technical issues & the odd clunky moment, it has enough charm to supersede its issues and provide a fairly entertaining romp. The puzzle filled adventure gameplay will no doubt keep your mind ticking over and would interest those nostalgic for adventure games of yesteryear. Where the game succeeds the most is in its ability to convey the need for the characters to rely on each other. The vulnerability that sets in when you are separated from the Majin is testament to that. If you can look past its niggles & rough around the edges nature, You'll find a charming adventure that shows a symbiotic relationship can be struck up between a player & their AI partner.
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Beyond: Two Souls (Ps3) - 9/九
As a swansong for the Ps3 before the next generation starts, Its a superb technical showpiece for the Ps3 while also giving us a glimpse at what to expect from the next generation with regards to fidelity & cinematic aspects. The odd moment of clunky writing and direction slightly mar an otherwise superbly compelling narrative though, but even then it never falters. The streamlining of gameplay also comes across as a little too simplified at times, but in an industry of complexity - Beyond's simplicity could be regarded as a breath of fresh air by some. If you can live with these minor issues though, you'll find yourself immersed within an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that is one of the best, if not the best, cinematic & unique experiences you'll find in gaming. 
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 Dragon's Crown (Vita) -  7/七
While at first the game appears to offer surprising RPG depth, you'll come to realise that assumption was fleeting as your nostalgia dissipates and the repetitiveness from the grind sets in. Co-op is the games shining light though, reinforced by the latest cross-play patch, that will help alleviate this when coupled with the Vita's party system. The visuals are majestic & the game seems a perfect fit for the Vita, but the game is also lacking in numerous areas like its level count & RPG elements (to name a couple) which could hurt its long term appeal. Dragons Crown does enough to warrant a recommendation though, with the Vita version being the one to go for it you have the option.
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Lollipop Chainsaw (Ps3/Xbox360) - 8/ 八
Lollipop Chainsaw features the spirit of those arcade games of yesteryear, with its Hack & Slash combat married to a gameplay system that's all about getting that high score. While a few issues like its lack of levels & lack of a challenge on standard difficulties may breed a little caution, Its a game that's worth at least a playthrough. The Grindhouse/Exploitation theme is absolutely superb and while those that find it vulgar will skip over this, everyone else will find a game that's hilarious from start to finish. While it lasts about as long as it takes to get to the soggy paper stick your lollipop was clung to, its just as sugary sweet an experience.
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The Guided Fate Paradox (Ps3) - 7/七
As mentioned previously I came into this off the back of the amazing Z.H.P, i should mention that I am not a fan of this genre to be fair. I have enjoyed titles from it mainly Izuna and mostly Z.H.P which was helped by a fantastic cast and NIS's signature comedy. Unfortunately as mentioned earlier not a single character made an impression on me to the point iv had to reference the game in remembering each characters name!.

This is such a let down for me considering iv always found the Disgaea series having memorable casts and even some of the side characters in Z.H.P are etched in my memory (Chiti Wok anyone?!).
I feel for me personally with it lacking that element I felt no drive with TGFP on top of what seemed like a cutscene hitting after every floor of the dungeon which also seemed to last longer than the time I spent on that floor!.
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And Finally...

Pokemon X & Y (3DS) - 7/七
Its hard to deny that the series has lost some of its charm & magic due to the wealth of iterations that has come before. While the refreshed 3D graphics look gorgeous on the 3DS, although the 3D is woeful to say the least, those looking for a similar refresh in gameplay will be sorely disappointed. Theres still fun to be had but X & Y's general structure & gameplay remains almost identical to its forbears, whether the new additions are enough for you to overlook that is something to consider. Pokemon X & Y isn't quite the Magikarp of the series, but its far from the Gyarados either.
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Review Policy

Surprised to not have been flamed to death by angry fanboys over having the audacity to award a Pokemon game such a score as I have. Been a few 7's of late though as releases lately just seem to have been 'good' with not much better making its way onto our shelves and pockets. I picked up Alpha Protocol yesterday due to it being a bit of an unknown known to me. Mostly been reviewing games that I know are going to be at least good (hence why Ive purchased them) which is why there's only one 6 so far, so my thinking is that this game could go either way so it should be interesting. If theres anything poeple would like to see a review of thats due for release soon or has had a release within the past 2/3 months then let us know and we'll see what we can do!

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