Tuesday, 17 December 2013

100 Posts & counting.

This post is the 100th post! It seems like an age since that Project Diva review I did for the Ps3 on PushSquare a few months ago that got the ball rolling. Things have really picked up lately though. Staff now consists of  5. Andi is now our Nintendo editor and his experience reviewing for Punx has been invaluable for us with how we've progressed. Remy has brought a somewhat infectious enthusiasm to us and is our self-proclaimed Sony/Vita editor (although it might as well be official) with his Tearaway review being a notable highlight for Media Molecule taking notice of it & carrying it on Twitter. Joe is the latest addition who seems brimming with ideas and seems keen on Video reviews, so expect some content from him soon. The mysterious Koji is our 5th staff member so far. Currently runs a Youtube channel for those interested in checking his work. With views climbing steadily and content continuing to improve, I doubt we'll be going anywhere anytime soon!

I'm always thinking about the future here, but its something that has to be handled delicately. Doing too much too soon could cause things to buckle under the workload. So what have we been discussing of late?

  • Podcast: Now this is an idea that I think would be great. A weekly or bi-weekly podcast where we all get together and have a good chin-wag about games, anime's etc would be great. It was discussed last night so theres a pretty good chance of it happening at some point in the future
  • Video Reviews: This is something I had a look into myself a while ago, even opening up an Otaku Gamers UK channel on Youtube in preparation at one point, but the Content ID system that's currently been brought it made me a little cautious. Joe has expressed interest in this, so I suppose some testing is going to be needed if its Video's are something to look to in the future.
  • Guest Articles: This is something I'm going to keep running with at the moment. Recruitment has been slow & steady so I may stop that for now and See how this idea pans out.
  • Staff Page: Ive already created a page but at the moment it needs filling with content and placing on the homepage. Something I'm going to work on for the next week or so hopefully
That's not all, but other ideas are something to consider at a later date. These few will be discussed over the new year and they may be brought in not long after depending on how things go. This a purely voluntary run endeavour so anyone coming here enjoying the content doesn't have anything to worry about. We'll still be here for a long time yet. You never know though, if things keep improving the way they are, in a years time it could be a little different around here! Lets hope you guys stick around for another 100 posts!

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