Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Nintendo Direct Roundup

So did you catch the Nintendo Direct feed? If not, don't despair as our Nintendo editor Andi was live tweeting during the show. To save you having to scour the internet for the latest tidbits, Here's the whole live tweet in chronological order for you. Only the content of the tweet is here to keep things snappy for you. Enjoy!

  • ZeldaxDynasty warriors or Hyrule Warriors as it was named (not final title) looks pretty good. Especially as a fan of both #NintendoDirectEU
  • New Kirby as well looks like it'll be quite the platforming game :) love Kirbeh! #NintendoDirectEU
  • Now they are showing off the Pokemon Bank, nifty little idea for fans of the 'mon #NintendoDirectEU
  • Ceribii free with the free trial of Pokemon bank for X & Y :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • The new Donkey Kong for WiiU actually pretty much looks perfect!. Especially with Kranky! #NintendoDirectEU
  • Live tweeting Nintendo Direct :) here @ Otaku Gamers UK -Andi-
  • Feb 21st Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for EU Release #NintendoDirectEU
  • Sonic Lost Worlds DLC announcement, based on famous Nintendo franchises! #NintendoDirectEU
  • Zelda themed DLC for Sonic next year (hinted at but apparently you can "LINK" your console next year) #NintendoDirectEU
  • Wii Sports Club Golf now.......-Yawn-
  • NES Remix mixed up nes games. E.G Link in Donkey Kong & highlights from the nes era #nintendodirecteu
  • Dr.Luigi "Is in the house" Luigi Puzzle based fun for all! #nintendodirecteu
  • Operation L Mode, for newbies and pros alike, all pills are in the L Shape. Dr.Luigi + Online play :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • Luigi's Mansion 2 Diarama for Stars Club #NintendoDirectEU
  • WiiU Karaoke cheap plug (y) stay classy Ninty!
  • Free download code for Mario Bros Deluxe <3 just create or link a new Nintendo Network ID #NintendoDirectEU
  • Download codes to be shipped out feb 13-feb 18 to registered Email :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • Prof Layton vs Pheonix Wright Confirmed for EU :) nice one Ninty #NintendoDirectEU
  • Rosalina for Smash Bros :) #NintendoDirectEU
  • & now Mario Kart 8 which is looking outstanding #NintendoDirectEU
  • & She's in Mario Kart 8 aswell! Ninty are giving Galaxy all the love! #NintendoDirectEU
  •  & it just ended quite abruptly..... no X, no SMT IV and few surprises. 6/10 #NintendoDirectEU

And that was it. That was everything that was shown/live tweeted. If you'd like to keep up to date for future show reveals we'll be live tweeting them much as possible so you could always follow our Twitter: @OtakuGamersUK.

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