Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dynasty Warriors 8 Ps4/Vita Spring 2014 EU

With this one simple Q&A, the Ps4's stock has just risen quite a bit for myself. With the news of Hyrule Warriors yesterday and now this, it seems Tecmo Koei aren't pulling any punches going into the new year. There's still no solid confirmation of a date but to have TK themselves state that Dynasty Warriors 8, With Xtreme Legends seeing a release on the Ps3 at the same time, will be coming in Spring 2014 bodes well for the system. At long last an eastern series will be seeing a release on the Ps4 for those of us holding out for that reason.The game is set to release in February in Japan, so with it seeing a release so soon after in spring is a suprise. Also, You noticed what else is beside the Ps4 in the banner above? Thats right, PSVita! Now thats some great news to start the day with.

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