Friday, 27 December 2013

Digimon story : Cyber Sleuth Unleashes some screenshots and they are beautiful

Some time ago Digimon story : Cyber sleuth got announced for Playstation Vita. There was an teaser trailer shown on Jump Vesta but that was nothing special but now some screenshots are released and boy these are showing some eye candy! It looks like we can visit the real world this time! 
In the first screenshot it looks like you have to beat the digimon Grandlocomon. It looks like a turn based fighting game. Furthermore, the second screen you can clearly see on of my favorite digimon called Angewomon. 

The bad news is this game releases in 2015 ( Release date to be announced) futhermore, the chance this coming to the shores of Europe are close to zero. Luckily, we can import this game with some basic Japanese this game can be played ( Digimon games have never been released in Kanji --> Hiragana)

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