Saturday, 15 February 2014

Class mating - are you ready?

More Than a Dating Sim

It looks like in Conception 2 pushes players to think hard about who you "Classmate" with. 
Your partner is not only there to support you but they can help you create even stronger Star Children - they call it a magical ritual.  But before this happens you need to grow a strong bond with the heroine and the stronger that is, the stronger your Star Child will be. Sounds simple.  Stats carry over and determine which class they can be part off.  There also are some anomalies too - think of it like Persona's fusion.
Whilst battling you can have four teams active; you and the heroine and three teams of Star Children, with three in each.  So for the best results you need to create teams who share the same mother or similar classes. I am assuming that some classes go better together than others. But you may think the perfect scenario is to have them all in the same class - well no it may not be. 
Altus state that there may some situations which require a specific class to get best and if you have specialised in one class type, well you will find your self failing a lot.  They recommend to experiment with classes and that certain classes can combine which allows access to unique Team Skills and Mecunite types. Meaning that the three Star Children on a team can combine and form a giant mech.

This all sounds rather crazy at first but I am very interested in what this game has to offer. 

For more details and some feedback from ATLUS themselves head over to the PS US Blog or check the video below.

Conception II is out on 3DS/Vita in Japan and is hitting the USA April 15.  Still no date for the EU though.


  1. I knew you'd comment on this :p I love how they dance around the obvious :)