Friday, 14 February 2014

Nintendo Direct 13/02/14

Direct Roundup!!!!!

First I have to say that despite my best efforts while Live Tweeting the event, the stream was laggy & unresponsive thus making it quite the task!.

Overall nothing really was announced that would shock the world, Little Mac is joining the next Smash Bros game, Bowser's Minions (Koopa kids to you and me!) are in Mario Kart 8.

Steel Diver has a new FPS sequel which is free to trial at the moment on the E Shop, Nes Remix 2 was announced & Luigi Bros. Luigi Bros is basically Mario Bros 1 in reverse using Weegee's sprite! I know all that hard work & thought, it is still the "Fiscal" Year of Luigi after all!.

The main events were trailers and details on two of the WiiU's behemoths Bayonetta 2 & X!

First talking about X, it seems to be the spiritual successor to the Wii classic Xenoblade Chronicles, one of the most impressive games you can have on the Wii. Spanning huge worlds and a brilliant battle system it gained many fans upon it's release.
X seems to be much in the same vain, given HD graphics, BIGGER worlds & MECHS!. Yes we are looking at the RPG version of Titan Fall!, here is the trailer & some screenshots of this upcoming RPG

Bayonetta 2 followed this mighty game display & showcased just exactly why Platinum are so highly regarded. It's good to see they have found a happy home with Nintendo & if this & Wonderful 101 are products of this partnership I can only imagine what else they have in store for us!. A new playable character, new abilities for Bayonetta & a snazzy new haircut for the lady is just the tip of the iceberg for Bayonetta 2. Also announced was that it releases Summer in Japan & we will be getting it 2014 sometime. Not a solid date but still good to know how close it is! 


Also announced was that the WiiU will be getting GBA games on the Eshop during the year, Metroid Fusion was confirmed so it's more than justified!.

Still no release date for SMT IV though Nintendo! what are you playing at?! 

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  1. X gameplay and Little Mac's reveal were just enough to get my hyped up for both games.
    Can't wait to get my hands on both games :D