Saturday, 15 February 2014

South Park The Stick of Truth - 13 Minute Preview

Are we in for a real treat?

Yesterday we were treated by the South Park Studios to the first 13 minutes of game play from their upcoming RPG based upon the series of South Park.
The game follows the story of the "new kid" who has just moved to the quiet mountain town and he has a "special power" which the local kids want to use.  Moments after meeting Grand Wizard Cartman, you are thrown into the chaotic story of "The Stick of Truth" and how all the different factions want it.
If you were to walk in on some one playing The Stick of Truth, you believe you were watching an episode of South Park.  The art style is the same, the full voice cast is present and the scripting is spot on.

From what we see in the game play it is shaping up to be an excellent adventure.  The battle system is very similar to that of older Final Fantasy's and the Paper Mario series.  Turn based action on a 2D plain where you can either attack, use abilities or items.  Even earlier on, the enemies have certain status which force you to battle in different ways and this should keep the game fresh as it moves it away from single button action.  There are no random battles as all your enemies are visible on the screen but the number of enemies in battle are not shown until you engage them.
Your personal screen is based upon the Facebook home screen from the episode "You Have Zero Friends".  It contains all your generic RPG information (Level, HP, PP, Quest, Profiles etc).

Player's Personal Screen Neat Layout

This game has suffered many delays, the selling of the publishing studio but it is finally coming out next month!  We have been shown many smaller trailers but this is the first full insight we have had into this great looking RPG and from the Achievement list, it looks like it is packed with content.

Whilst we wait for the release, check out the game play below and post your opinions in the comments.  Also remember that this is a one of a kind game.  The studio approached Obsidian to create this game and not the other way round.  So this should be one hell of a ride :D

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