Thursday, 24 April 2014

News: Freedom Wars Weapon Trailer

The latest trailer to be shown for Freedom Wars details the games weaponry.
The trailer showcases the game’s six weapon categories by featuring some of them within the categories during this trailer. Here is more detailed information:

  • Weapons will have different levels of rarity. There are also differences in the basic performance of weapons in the same rarity. Some of them have a special “Modular” effect, as well.
  • There are a total of six weapon categories. Attack motion differs depending on the “series” of weapon.
  • Players can equip two weapons, while Accessories can equip one weapon. The two weapons equipped to a player can be of the same category. (Go dual large swords!)
  • In addition to using the two weapons equipped, players can also make use of weapons dropped by enemies.
  • There are a series of attacks where you wield a spear.
  • During a light long sword charge, you can change up the direction of your attack.
  • Larger hammer-type weapons are also present in the large sword category.
  • Gatling guns, laser guns, and net guns are also present in the squad support firearms category.
Weapon Categories

  • Small Sword - You can let out a series of consecutive attacks with little room from enemy attacks. It also has a fuse function that dislocates joints.
  • Large Sword - The gap for enemy attacks is big. Both light and heavy attacks can be carried out via a charge technique. Long swords are also in this category.
  • Spear - Attacks from both the front and back are possible. There is a light charge attack, too. When in a critical state, your attack power will increase.
  • Personal Carrying Firearms - Through compact firearms, rapid fire is possible. It is also possible to attack with a firearm while using the thorny whip.
  • Multipurpose Firearms - These have better steam power, but lower capacity.
  • Squad Support Firearms - Excellent attack and defense ability, but like multipurpose firearms, these have low capacity, as well.

Source [Gematsu]

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