Monday, 16 June 2014

News: Persona 5 Character leak?

The Futureshop website has revealed an interesting description for the upcoming Playstation 3 title Persona 5, the site is famed for having leaked Persona 4: Ultimax details before they got announced.

The listing is as follows

"Immerse yourself in the continuing saga and epic storytelling of the Persona series with Persona 5 for PlayStation 3. Memorable characters make their triumphant return alongside new faces that are sure to become fan favourites".

While vague enough for a sequel description it's still interesting considering the site has a decent track record for these things!. Will we be seeing the likes of Aigis and Yosuke returning alongside a new cast.

The listing can be found here


  1. I don't know if seeing people come back from other persona games is a good thing for persona. I like their releases to all have individual storylines.

  2. But how would they sell Persona 5 to the P4G crowd if they can't
    waifu with their favourite waifu's? lol I'd prefer it if they didn't
    bring forth previous characters, or if they did only in a very limited
    way (like with chihiro in P4) instead of being integral to the story.
    Not gonna happen though I dont think. Atlus have a gravy train at the
    minute & they'll no doubt look to keep it going.

    Thanks for
    visiting the site. We've been steadily improving since switching things
    up a few months ago so hopefully you'll stick around for a bit.

  3. Hmmm, i don't know about the familiar faces part. I want a new persona. You know i love persona 4 golden with passion, but i do like to see some new faces. Furthermore, after completing persona 3 FES i can understand why the Waifu's part can be annoying because P3 is much better in story than P4... Also what is the point of having a GF when your dates are boring... Christmas eve was the only fun part. SNU SNU

  4. I worry for you, i really really do ;)

  5. What I personally would enjoy is cast of Persona 1 & 2 making an appearance......yeah I know i'll show myself out

  6. HUH? Why ? because i changed sides(A) Pes 3 FES all the way

  7. Haha you know you still fly the P4G flag!. No talking about Christmas Snu Snu

  8. Who am i kidding? I would love to bang chie & Yukiko's brains out xD Waifu extreme

  9. Keep it clean please Remy!