Thursday, 22 May 2014

News: Ghostlight announce Elminage Gothic for Steam

Ghostlight have announced Elminage Gothic for PC.
The game looks to be a dungeon crawler of the old school variety (think 90's SMT) and Ghostlight are working with the team at Starfish SD to offer increased resolution of the original artwork as well as a host of additions for the Steam release including mouse and keyboard support and of course Steam Trading Card. This title hasn't been released in the west before, but a previous release on the PsP saw a VERY limited release in the EU. One to keep an eye on as Ghostlight look to hopefully have the game ready to go late in the Summer.

The story goes...
In the far-off realm of Ishmag, King Jardin has ushered in an age of peace.  At least that is, until foul and hideous creatures begin emerging from the deep, treacherous caves of Tsun-Kurn and dark rumours of a rising evil begin to creep across the peaceful lands. It is up to you to arm yourself and descend into the depths of Tsun-Kurn in an attempt to put an end to the ever growing darkness and save your kingdom

Source [Ghostlight Blog]

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