Sunday, 14 September 2014

PSA: Operation KOSMOS

Another plea from us at Otaku Gamers UK!

I'm gonna get too used to writing these!, but as it's for a good cause and something I personally think would benefit so many people we are more than happy to dedicate some space & time to it.

As reported earlier in the week HERE, Katsuhiro Harada made a statement regards the idea of a Xenosaga HD collection, featuring the 3 main titles from the PlayStation 2 which us in Europe only received the second in the trilogy meeting with a luke warm response.

In regards to this a team has started a campaign similar to Operation Decode & #BringYakuzaWest to where we answer his question of just how many individuals want to see this as a reality.
It's a simple task of heading to FACEBOOK &/Or TWITTER, adding to the head count and support, then contacting Harada by Twitter [HERE] telling him in a calm and decent way that you would love to see a HD Collection and support it preferably applying the #OperationKOSMOS hash tag for publicity.

Finally there is also a petition to sign [HERE].
You can also contact the creators of this campaign via e-mail: They are currently looking for translators to help get this in as many languages as possible!

Just like our Yakuza 5 Campaign there is no guarantee this will work but if you sit back and do nothing you can't spur change. The facts are that Harada wants this but he needs to show Bamco that the people want it and that it'll be a worthy venture.

So spare a couple of minutes and help out, who knows this could go through and Europe may finally see what we have been missing out on!

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