Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sat here I look down deep into my coffee wondering about the events that led me here. It sounded like such a simple job, small town that now housed a sadistic killer. I went over the details on the drive down, working my way through my most recent packet of cigarettes. I run my fingers along the deep scars on my cheek, forget me nots from a previous case.
I finish my prep work and close my laptop, reach down and grab a smoke. Thick rain is baring down onto my car and I haven't seen civilisation in well over an hour. Out of nowhere a dark figure brandishing an axe appears with a flash, I swerve to avoid him and crash deep in the woods. 
I wish I could say that this would be the worse thing that would happen to me today. Between ghostly visions, an axe murderer and a primitive police force, I would say that I Agent York Morgan have my work cut out for me!.
To start my day right I pour milk slowly into my coffee, words appear in front of me "FK in the coffee". 

From normal to obscure in a matter of minutes welcome to Deadly Premonition. 3rd person survival horror/psychological thriller, released as a budget title over in Europe by Rising Star Games originally on X Box 360, this game has recently seen a re-release as a directors cut on Ps3 and soon STEAM get a taste of the coffee.

Credited with having the most polarising review scores in gaming we have the definitive Marmite of video games. With its last gen graphics, awkward voice acting and at times mental controls it is hard for some to see why it's so special. 
Presented with a crazy yet memorable cast of characters including a women constantly worrying about her cook pot, a secretive gas station owner, an ex general who will work on your car & York Morgan himself with his coffee fortune telling and Zack!. 

 I'm not going to say anymore as this is a cast you need to meet and experience!. Greenvale is a living breathing place with its own time scale and patterns for people to be. Need to question someone? No problem go to where they work, want to waste some time? Sure there is a dart bar and plenty of fishing locations, want to fight evil sprits for upgrades, got it!.
Yes it is full to the brim with content, be it side missions to help your case or just making sure a certain someone gets home before her pot is cold. Also on offer is a whole collection of trading cards found throughout the map of Greenvale!. A collection of cars to be had and looked after, if you're planning a long drive make sure you have enough gas!.

Other little touches include shaving York in the mornings, making sure he is fed and well rested and that he has a set of clean clothes. If all this sounds appealing I fully recommend Deadly Premonition!. Another thing I feel I must point out Twin Peaks fan? Here is the game you never got, it has far too many similarities for it not to be a homage. 

 The key to Deadly Premonition is experiencing and exploring. I'm going to leave this here as I feel I may say too much and ruin what is a fantastic journey one which stands out as so fresh and unique in today's world of call of duty and grand theft auto. Not a game for everyone as the quirky nature is offputting for some people as are the aged graphics. On the Ps3 Directors Cut there is a frame rate issue when in the free roam mode but it's nothing you can't look past if you want to experience this underrated classic. 

In a world covered in Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto & Fifa, Deadly Premonition is a bastion of light with a different take on nearly all aspects of this game. Bizarre side quests, strange characters and a living breathing world makes it sound so close to GTA V but in reality it's more the Anti GTA. Complex story with twists and turns everywhere, very japanese inspired zombie sections and a shoe string budget power this title. I implore anyone who likes classic B Movie horror & Survival Horror games in general to come visit the little town of Greenvale. 

Till next time..........Zack! 

Tune in next time for a write up about Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers and expect soon one for the fantastic Disgaea D2 as it's currently threatening to consume my life! 

Prinny d00d! 

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