Monday, 23 September 2013

SEGA's arrogance to the West knows no bounds.

You enjoy the latest review? I hope so. Ive enjoyed being able to play EDF wherever I go. I used to play EDF Portable 2 on the PsP but that wasn't too hot, 2017 on the Vita is exactly what you'd want for that arcade shooter fix though that we barely seem to get these days. Now, Im gonna counteract that great Vita game review that no doubt put a smile on ya face, with some Vita news that is gonna leave you no doubt annoyed....
Phantasy Star Nova. Looks good doesn't it? Im sure to be interested! I've played Phantasy Star Portable 2 about 5/6 months ago on PsP, the servers are still up for that if your interested, so the universe is still fresh for me. Would look quite nice on the Vita too Id bet. Oh, You looking a little worried? Relax. Ive no snippets of news thats too bad, Just this snippet from the Role Playing Video Games community on Google+. - 

Sega West’s ignorance of recent Phantasy Star franchise stars appears to not be limited to just Phantasy Star Online 2.  You can now not expect the just announced Phantasy Star Nova for PlayStation Vita to make the trek across the Pacific, either.

A conversation published by Sega Addicts with Sega of America community manager Kellie Parker affirms there are no plans at the moment to localize Nova, putting it in the same limbo as PSO2.

“There are currently no plans to release Phantasy Star Nova in the western market,” Parker said.  “Should this change, we will ensure the information is shared as soon as possible.” 

Yeah I lied. Its bad news. Well they haven't officially announced its not coming though have they? Just that they currently have no plans to release to the western market for now? *SLAP* Snap out of it. You and I both know what this quote from SEGA of America entails. Just give me a minute to relax...
Right. Now I could publish an entire post ranting, but whats the point? If the Yakuza 5 situation has taught us loyal SEGA fans anything by now, its that we can longer get excited for new releases from the company. While games developed in the west for SEGA are always going to be around, the culling of its eastern endevours releasing in the west continues. Id recently bought Vanquish, and its a prime example of why I love SEGA. Its a wonderful 3rd Person shooter that's a throwback to the more arcade orientated days of gaming (might have a retrospective at a later dae) In the current climate, That would probably have not made its way here due to its development in the east. Its worrying times ahead for SEGA loyalists. Still, I love SEGA. Which is why I have wired up my Dreamcast again n I may be looking into a retrospective or 2 later in the week for a couple of games.
Some good news for Vita, and some good news for a Hyperdimension Neptunia fanboy like myself. Mk2 will be recieving a remaster for the Vita entitled Rebirth 2. Personally I dont think Mk2 even needs to be remastered as it played perfectly fine to me, except for the odd insane difficulty spike. If by remaster they mean 'ported with extra's' then that deosn't sound too bad. Compile Heart also announced Chou Megami Shinkou Noire Gekishin Black Heart has gone into production. Noire gets her own spin-off game which apparently also has a Chi-Bi styling, amusingly. Ive never really understood everyones fascination with Noire though, personally Im a Neptune guy myself n failing that - Its Blanc all the way. To each their own. Theres still no word on localisations but with them already done for the Ps3 versions Id hazard a bet that we may see these for the Vita in the west at some point, even if they do end up as digital only.

While there are snippets here n there of more news from TGS, Ive not been able to spend much time, if any, on trying to get it all into a post for the blog. Work has been busy today for a change so the usual downtime I have at work hasn't been available today for news gathering. So for that I'll point you towards the Role Playing Video Games community page on Google+ as there's tonnes of gameplay videos and links to stories detailing numerous games. Some I mentioned last week, some new.While its mainly for RPG's, you can find some news on other games shown at TGS too!
Hopefully the rest of the week is buisness as usual with regards to the blog and Im able to start getting some previews & retrospectives rolling. Ive decided to forego a review this Sunday, mainly to give myself another week to see what I can look in to for reviewing. Anything you would like me to look in to? Let me know!

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