Monday, 11 November 2013

Update: SEGA Week, Expansion & Recruiting!

 "Blast Processing"
As the title suggests, Theres going to be a batch of SEGA articles making there way onto here. Over the next few days I'm going to do a couple of reviews, I wont be reviewing Sonic: Lost World though as Ive not yet decided whether to give it a try or not (really enjoyed Generations so maybe I will), while filling in the gaps with retrospectives and the like. Why? I dunno. I just felt like it was something that needed to be done. There's been some good stuff from SEGA these past few years yet they've failed to market any of it themselves so most people don't know anything about them. Plus, SEGA launched their last couple of consoles in November, so it'd be good to do something SEGA related during November. Actually, I don't really have an astoundingly agreeable reason why. Its probably due to the fact that I'm currently playing through a fair few SEGA games which seem to have sideswiped my plans for a Disgaea D2 review as Its been sidelined for a couple of days. It should make for an interesting week at least, especially for those with not much of an interest in what SEGA have been up to lately. Its safe to say that most of the games that get released by SEGA end up being regarded as niche these days so some may be new to people even though they've been out a couple of years. So what do I have in store?

  • Ive been playing HOTD: Overkill, Alpha Protocol, Binary Domain, Vanquish, Project Diva F, SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and SEGA Rally. Ill be looking at doing a couple of reviews of some of these during the week (one on Wednesday & one on Friday, maybe Thursday instead), although I'm not sure which games to do, and maybe retrospectives for some of the older ones that I don't review. 
  • I still got a fully working Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast so I may do a post or two on some of these older consoles. I'm considering leaving the Dreamcast out though as no doubt people have probably read enough articles gushing about it. While I can't guarantee mine wouldn't be the same, at least it would be genuine seen as Ive been with SEGA since the Master System. The mainstream press seems to have started some #Trend about the awesomeness of the Dreamcast which I find annoying myself (I bet many of them didn't even buy one when it was actually doing the rounds in the industry and played Ps2 instead) Ill most definitely do a post on the Saturn. Its probably the most misunderstood of SEGA's consoles so that should be an interesting piece.
With me getting a fresh fibre-optic line being installed at my house on Saturday Ill be able to start publishing posts from home again, so I may have an extra one for Sunday. Ill try and not spill over into next week with the SEGA goodies but you never know, Some interesting news may crop up that deserves a full post on (Andi told me the other day that theres a rumour of ATLUS USA may be in talks with the Yakuza devs for a localisation, read into that what you will) If you have no interest or a hatred of SEGA you'll no doubt avoid the blog this week, but why? I may be a SEGA fan at heart, but I still enjoy Sony & Nintendo's stuff even though they were rivals to my childhood consoles. Fanboyism isn't a good thing. It closes your mind to a lot of whats on offer.

Expanding? Well not in the way your thinking. With me posting about anime's Ive been watching lately I thought it might be a good idea to do a post or two on Movies too. Specifically, Japanese exploitation cinema. Probably 90% of my collection of movies on DVD are films of this type. I'm a pretty big fan of Noboru Iguchi & his wacky films in particular. Most people have never heard of most of the films I have or are put off just by the title of the film. Some people get the wrong idea about the film altogether too, for example my brother thinks The Machine Girl is a blue movie which makes me a pervert due to it featuring a schoolgirl on the cover. You can't make this stuff up! That couldn't be any further from the truth with regards to what the film is actually about though. Hopefully putting a few films on a post will sway such confusion and may entice you to give them a go. If you've no interest in Otaku or Exploitation movies then you'll no doubt find most of the films a little too B-Movie for you cultured Hollywood taste. Worth a try though, if you can find them!
Recruitment Drive! Indeed I'm currently looking into getting a few more authors onto the site posting before I burn myself out. Andi pointed it out to me the other day when I said I was going to do a review for Vanquish, Alpha Protocol & Binary Domain all in the same week. He's no doubt right. A review is a lot of work so 3 in 5 days with a couple of posts splitting them up is WAY too much work for one person. Anyone interested? There's not really a set criteria for anyone wanting to give it a go or on the games you would review/preview, as long as your enthusiastic enough! You can get in touch with me via Twitter or on here.

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