Thursday, 12 December 2013

Video: Toukiden : The age of Demons

With Capcom refusing to release a monster hunter game on vita ( Well, not counting Monster hunter frontier). Other publishers like Tecmo Koei are trying to fill this enormous gap. Tecmo Koei has released the opening cinematic for the upcoming  Toukiden: The age of demons.

This new video showcases a group of slayers who do their utmost best to defend themself from a horde of attacking demon-like creatures. The demons vary from small and numerous to behemoth beasts. It is shown that you can cut of limbs of the monsters. I think as a fan of the hunting genre this is pretty interesting. I will look forward to see more video's from Toukiden: The age of demons

Toukiden: The age of demons will release on 14 February in Europe ( 11 February for our North American readers)

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