Monday, 20 January 2014

Demo: Toukiden Age of Demons invades the shore of NA and Europe

Attention ! Attention! Hunting fans ! The Twitter of Tecmo Koei Europe just revealed that a demo will be released on the PSN store for North America on the 21th of January. Yep, that's is tomorrow. The EU has to wait till the 29th of January. Furthermore, saved data will be tranferred into the full game ( Just like the soul sacrifice demo). The download size is 996 MB. So, make some room for this fantastic hunting game.
I'm really looking forward to this game. It's one of the most visual impressive games on the Vita. I posted a screen below .Furthermore, i posted a video of Toukiden: age of demons played by Gadgetgirlkylie. This to illustrate how beautiful and fun this game is.

Isn't beautiful

I have this game preordered. You can always add me if you like to play some Toukiden age of demons in the future. My PSN ID= Sanquine90


  1. Already played the demo on PSP but I can't wait to play it on Vita and get a taste of how the Vita version is ^_^

  2. Well, please please let me know when you are ready! You Na right? Eu has to wait :(

  3. The demo was really fun. Its also got online MP which was a surprise.