Friday, 31 January 2014

Save Icons & Bug Fixes for Disgaea: D2

Been having any issues with Disgaea D2? Bored of the same save icons? Well NISa have come to the rescue with a recently released patch that will be squashing bugs and adding a little something. Patch Notes -

 Patch Notes
- 22 new save icons
- Summer Greetings (1): No requirement for obtaining.
- Ending Images (4): Obtainable from the toy vending machine after clearing each ending.
- Preview Images (17): Obtainable from the toy vending machine after watching each preview.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a freeze that occurred during skill animations.
- Fixed the window size of a warning message that pops up when the install data is corrupted.
- Fixed the activation of certain conversation flags after creating the maximum number of characters.
- Fixed an issue where Laharl’s (Prinny’s, during Prinny Day) HP becomes 1 when a stage is cleared and there are no more characters to dispatch in the Base Panel.
- Fixed an issue of the wrong voice playing when Maronauses her Confine skill with the English voices selected.
- Fixed audio issues during the Dark Assembly and Item Assembly

Is the patch something that you've been hoping for?

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