Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy Japanese trailer

Arc System Works are well known for their zany BlazBlue fighter series, what happens when they give the ARPG genre a go? Well Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy of course! An offbeat cast of a transforming hero, mecha piloting girl, gunslinger & a masked wrestler to play as will no doubt have some out there already intrigued. This latest trailer is entirely in Japanese, as the title itself has still not been announced for a localisation yet. Still its worth a look to see how things play out, plus the Vita could do with a few more ARPG's so it may be one to import if nothing on the localisation front pops up. Due for release at the tail end of 2013, a delay means Japan will now now see the title at some point in Spring 2014. Does it have your interest?

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  1. If this gets localized, I'll definitely bite.