Sunday, 26 January 2014

Freedom wars Gameplay & some information

Tapei Game show brings us some awesome gameplay of the Playstation vita exclusive Freedom wars. Freedom wars is a 8 player hunting game which can be called in the same breath as Soul sacrifice and Toukiden: Age of demons. As i mentioned in other articles this is a game which i look forward to. This isn't your typical Monster Hunter game because you have to save instead of killing the abductors. I think this mechanic can only work when you work together. If you are forced to play toghether the game becomes far more interesting in my opinion. Interesting about the video above is that the subtitels are in English. While there is no word of a localization this could mean the game can be released sooner than we thought. Furthermore, the game will be released in the summer in Japan and there will be a demo. So, please have an extra memory card and a Japanese account because we may play this game sooner than you think.

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