Tuesday, 25 March 2014

News - Destiny of Spirits Release Date

The free to play, social strategy RPG, Destiny of Spirits is launching exclusively for the PS Vita tomorrow.

Never heard of it before?  It is a "free to play location based strategy and RPG game, where you work together with friends and other players across the globe to summon, trade, merge and rent Spirits to use in battle!"

So as you see, the Spirits are the main point of the game and these can be obtained in various ways.  One way is Summon and from time to time, you will find familiar Playstation faces.  To begin with, Knack Spirits will be available for a limited time

Within the game there are three types of magical substances; Spirit Points, Summoning Stones and Destiny Orbs.  
  • Spirit Points are earned after battles.  They can be used to rent other player’s Spirits, merge Spirits to level up, and trade Spirits with other players.
  • Summoning Stones are also earned through battles and you can use these to summon Spirits. 
  • Destiny Orbs are available for purchase at the PlayStation Store. Some features require Destiny Orbs like Advanced Summon, Rare Summon, restoring Spirit’s health, and other features at the Shop.

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