Friday, 28 March 2014

News: Latest Project Diva F 2nd Trailer

With Project Diva F 2nd getting a release in Japan lately, SEGA have seen fit to release another mammoth 12 minute trailer showcasing all the songs available in the latest release. A few notable inclusions some may notice from previous versions, which isn't as bad as you would expect. With the refinements & updates to the games engine, things will no doubt be suitably improved over the previous release. The game is already available in Japan with a release in the west set for later in the year. For those that can't wait or Import, There a demo available on the Japanese PSN store for you to try featuring 3 songs (Cinderella, Packaged, Suki Kirai and Lariat) which we may look in to for a short impressions piece.

Source [Siliconera]

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