Tuesday, 23 September 2014

News: Triad Wars Officially Announced

Following rumours last week, the Sleeping Dogs sequel, Triad Wars, has been announced.
United Front Games are at the helm again, but this time the game will be a free-to-play online only affair that is currently only heading to PC (You can apply for the Beta [HERE])
Sleeping Dogs was all about the story of Wei Shen, and taking on a ride through that story and finding out what was going to happen to Wei Shen. Triad Wars is the other side of that, which is it’s all about Hong Kong and it’s all about the criminal underworld within Hong Kong,” says Steve Ferreira, Design Director. “And this is about you creating your own game.”

Senior Designer James Agay adds, “It’s a game that’s going to change and evolve over time as people play it.”
You can check the announcement video from UFG below:

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