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Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

Hyrule Warriors combines The Legends of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. The story of the Legend of Zelda games with the combat style of Dynasty Warriors to bring a whole new world of experiencing to The Legend of Zelda. Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Wii U is a cooperation of Nintendo and Koei Tecmo. Hyrule Warriors was released on August 14th 2014 in Japan and for the Europe September 19th 2014 and will be released in North America on September 26th 2014.

 To fuse two different types of game together to create Hyrule Warriors was something that surely was not a easy task. Though it is a great treat to the fans and to every one that enjoy these type of games. Developers of Hyrule Warriors Omega Force and Team Ninja have put so much work in to this along with Nintendo and Koei Tecmo.

Zelda is so pretty in this game.
So the Story is where i want to start, pretty simple a Hero wearing a Green Tunic broke the Evil spirits into 4 pieces. 3 of them were sent out to the depth of space and time.The fourth piece was sealed at the entrance of the temple along with the Master Sword and was to be watched over by a great sorceress. Who watches over the Balance of the Triforce her Name is Cia she is a Sorceress,  her task is to look over the balance of the Triforce and keep it safe. She was able to see a young soul  of likes she has never seen before.

Link was the the owner of this soul the chosen to protect the land of Hyrule.When a Hero was needed in the time of darkness. Cia pretty much became obsessed with the boy but there was a another soul entwined with the Hero which is Princess Zelda, jealousy and rage consumed Cia and darkness was allowed to overtake her.So darkness once more covered the land and it was up the young hero to take up the sword and save the world once more and to find the Princess who has gone missing after a large assault on Hyrule castle by the forces of darkness.

Characters are up next Hyrule Warriors has plenty to choose from the cast has a surprising choice to pick from. I will give a quick rundown of them we  have: Link, Princess Zelda, Impa, Lana, Sheik, Princess Ruto of the Zoras, Agthia, Midna, Zant, Ganondorf,Ghirahim, Darunia, Fi and Cia, Volga and Wizzo. Cia, Volga and Wizzo have to be unlocked through DLC. Unlocking each of them should be pretty easy. There you must beat them in the story or unlock them in the adventure mode.
Some characters will have more than one weapon to choose from to fight with, while others will be stuck with one but they can use the sub items that you unlock by opening the treasure chests in the story.

Controls are next they feel pretty good the action´s are fast and react as soon you press the button so there is no delay between you pressing the button and the action happen. Which is great, the controls are smooth and very easy to pick up and play. Plus the nice ability to play on the game pad or with a friend who ever use´s the game pad gets there own screen so no nasty split screen middle bar.

 Not that its a bad thing for most games but it can be quite annoying.  Ai for the Hyrule guards is
not the best, they can handle themselves to a point before all hell breaks out and they start crying for their mommy.

 This can and will cause you to lose the bases you have captured. On the Wii U pad you have your special attacks, that are done by pressing the Y button or the X button the B button being your, normal attacks and the right Rz being your sub weapon. You can also use the pro controller or even the Wii remote and Nun chuck but I recommend the Wii U pad and Pro controller for this type of game.

 It just feels and works better than waggling the Wii remote. Now the maps are broken up in to base areas you must eliminate the enemies and their boss captains to gain control of the bases plus the sub post. When you have control over most of the bases the amount of enemy troops will go down but the same goes for the enemy if he has more bases they have more troops then you will have. If your main base fall its game over.

Proxi is our Navy of this game and like Navy she will talk to you, at the start when you're learning the controls she will being going: "Hey listen" right and left even after that she will do it though out  the but only with Link.

Visuals and music are both outstanding the crisp colours and the deep details on everything. It  just looks amazing on top that the Sound and music are just as great. Character Models look outstanding the unique details on each of them are just awesome and clear the Wii U handles this game most wonderfully. Composers Masato Koike and Yuki Matsumura have done a great job with the music.

Battle Fields are nice and open there no cramped or confined ares. They have highly detailed textures, you are able to slice through the tall grass and find Rupees which are very important. Along with Material to upgrade your weapons and craft Badges which help strengthen your characters along with levelling them up.

Picture from Adventure mode
 There are a few others modes as well like Adventure which take place on a map that look like the Original map wear you can examine the map and  explore the map to  find  Hearts pieces and item to help explore the  map more. Battle in adventure mode will take place in the  musou Field from the story  mode which is fine. Another  cute feature  you have the when you won the battle which ever character you pick will become a 8bit sprite that shows  up on the  map as you explore.
From the Original Zelda game we have a Free mode which allow´s you to play any character on any stage and then there the challenge mode which put up to challenges, like beating 300 enemy's or beating a certain  enemy and it goes on.

Verdict time, I want to talk over the final score so Game play is solid, music is amazing along with the visuals as i said be for. I feel like they could add more characters from Zelda games like Vaati, Nayru, Din, or even Firoa, Wouldn't it be cool to play as them or others? I mean yeah they would have to make them into a 3D model. They were only in the 2D games but it could happen. I still hope that the DLCs will give us lot´s more characters to play as.With that said I will give this a Nice Healthy rating of.


Who should buy this…

- The Legend of Zelda Fans

- Nintendo Fans

- People that Like the Dynasty warriors style combat

- Musou style lovers

Who should avoid this…
-People that do not Like The Legend of Zelda series

-People that don't like hack and slash based games

-People that don't like the wii u pad or the Pro controller

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