Monday, 3 November 2014

News: Yakuza Zero Mini-Game Screenshots

SEGA has released screenshots for the mini-games on Yakuza 0 onto games the official website.
The screenshots take a look at a few of the distractions on offer to players:
  • The Disco spot is a dancing mini-game that will let you play as Kiryu or Majima on the dance floor. Your objective is to charge up the audience & perform a special dance called the "Fever Time" The Disco will also allow you to relax and talk to girls who hang out in the area, eat meals at the bar, chill in the VIP rooms, and more.
  • The Karaoke mode that featured in earlier Yakuza games will also be making a return. InYakuza Zero, there are two modes, where you can sing your heart out in “Karaoke Box” or relax and enjoy foods,music with the "Karaoke Snack" mode
  • The SEGA arcade center will return, with various mini-games to play this time. Some Sega classics like Space Harrier, OutRun, Fantasy Zone, and Hang-On, will be playable in the arcade.

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