Tuesday, 9 December 2014

News: Rock Boshers DX Directors Cut Release Date

Not long after the release if it's last title, Aqua Kitty, Tikipod are at it again! Releasing today (tomorrow in Europe) on PC, Vita and PS4 is the Ps Mobile title, Rock Bothers DX: Directors Cut.
Described as an authentic 8bit experience from the 1880s, you see yourself helping the  young Queen Victoria fight her way across Mars in an attempt to escape home!

Sound insane and it has been created to look & feel like a ZX Spectrum gane from the 80s.

Features include;

  • Authentic 8bit loading sounds and borders art!Soldiers, zombies, giant bugs, tanks and more all try to block your progress.
  • CrossBuy and CrossSave on PS4 and PS Vita.
  • Leaderboards to compete on and Trophies/Achievements to obtain.
  • Weapons to collect to help you escape the levels, such as Coal Rockets and Steam Lasers.
  • Hidden snacks to collect to unlock bonus arcade games.
  • 4k and above rendering on PCs with the correct hardware.
  • 4K rendering on the PS4 GPU for optimal 1080p output.
  • PS4 EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Special Battle arenas with 4 player local coop! Choose your favourite Victorian era character – Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin, Ada Lovelace or Lewis Carrol, and duke it out in a range of different fighting arenas.

Are you ready for a blast to the best for some good old fashioned arcade action?  Well we are and a review is due soon!  In the meantime why not check the trailer out below!

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