Wednesday, 11 February 2015

News: Playtonic Games Announces Project Ukulele

Playtonic Games has announced their debut game, 'Project Ukulele', via Edge magazine.
The studio, set up by former members of Rare, has begun work on what has been described as a 'worthy spiritual successor' to the platforming adventures of Rare’s past. With funding locked down, the studio is currently looking for a publishers as work begins. A post on Playtonic’s official website reads:
“Over the coming months we’ll reveal more about our project and future growth plans, and we very much intend to get you involved and listen to your views on our game’s direction. You’ll ultimately shape the destination of our project and we plan to continue exchanging sweet glances across cyberspace at you until we get there.” 
Project Ukulele doesn't have a release window or date just yet, but is planned for release on Steam Early Access and consoles .

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